Multiunit gas treatment stations

In the scope of gas treatment and compression, ENERGAS has gained significant experience in implementing complex large-scale projects. Among them – the creation and commissioning of multiunit gas treatment stations (MGTS).

These stations are characterized by high capacity (flow rate of treated gas). They consist of several block-boxes with process equipment for various purposes joined in a single building with a common roof.

In electric power industry, ENERGAS MGTSs are used at large generating enterprises, where they provide high-quality fuel to power units with high-capacity gas turbines.

In the oil and gas segment, multiunit stations are used to volume measuring, filtering, heating, reducing fuel gas and simultaneous feeding it to the number of main and auxiliary facilities located at one production site. For each facility-consumer, the supplied gas has individual parameters in terms of pressure, temperature and flow rate.

MGTSs are fully automated. Control systems are based on microprocessor technology, using modern software and switching equipment. The local control systems are integrated with the upper level of the APCS. They provide remote control of units and automatic protections and alarm, control the process parameters and indoor gas hazard, handle the parameters of the workflow and emergency events, display information to the operator panel.

ENERGAS stations are devised according to individual designs and are manufactured taking into account the field of application, operating conditions (including climatic), composition and quality of the source gas, type and characteristics of conjugated gas-consuming units, special projected requirements of customers. Equipment is aimed for intensive operation mode.

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