Automated gas distribution stations

Automated gas distribution stations (AGDS) of ENERGAS are multifunctional process units. AGDSs offtake main gas and treat it for transportation to generating facilities.

Gas treatment process includes purification, flow metering, pressure reduction, heating and odorizing.

The main components of AGDS are:

  • Gas filtration system;
  • Condensate drainage module with drainage tank;
  • Gas commercial or process metering subassembly;
  • Gas heating module;
  • Reduction system;
  • Odorizing device;
  • Packaged boiler room for the treatment of heat carrier.

Additional equipment available: 

  • Continuously operating chromatograph for determining the composition and calorific value of gas;
  • Gas dew point measurement device;
  • Moisture analyzer;
  • Stand-by generator. 

AGDS is fully automated. The local ACS is located in a special compartment separated from the process part of the station by a gas-tight fire-resistant partition. ACS is integrated with the upper level of the APCS of the facility and it provides remote control of equipment, gas pollution control in the premises, and output of information on the status of all elements and systems to the operator panel.

The gas distribution station has a multiblock design: it consists of several block-boxes with equipment for various purposes, which are joined in a single building with a common roof during installation.

Small capacity AGDS are supplied in container design.

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