Associated gas treatment units

Multifunctional associated gas treatment units (AGTU) are complete units of maximum prefabrication level, made on a single frame.

Such AGTUs are used, as a rule, at fields equipped with power centers for own needs based on GTPP or GTU-CHPP, and are designed for preliminary gas treatment before it is fed to turbines and boiler houses.

The main purpose of the process equipment is the following:

  • intake of peak fluid blowouts;
  • gas filtration from mechanical impurities and liquid fraction;
  • gas mixture leveling;
  • commercial or process metering of gas.

The degree of gas purification from condensed moisture and solid particles larger than 10 μm reaches 99.98%.

Additional functionality, defined by project requirements:

  • gas dehydration;
  • removal of heavy hydrocarbon fractions C5 and higher;
  • increase of methane number;
  • gas heating;
  • reducing;
  • determination of gas composition and caloric content;
  • measuring of the dew point temperature.

Depending on the operating conditions and the environment, associated gas treatment units are produced in an easy-to-assemble shelter, container or arctic version.

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