Сервис EN

ServicENERGAS - specialization and quality

In the sphere of competence of this team is the solution of a complex of tasks to ensure the guaranteed reliability and efficiency of process equipment supplied by the ENERGAS Group.

The principle of professional specialization is the basis of ServicENERGAS activities. In the company there are 4 departments which are acting concertedly:

  • construction and mounting department;
  • start-up department;
  • service department;
  • repair department.

Mobile engineering groups are based in Moscow and Surgut. This makes it possible to carry out planned activities on-site and react promptly to requests in the event of abnormal situations.

Our specialists have the confirmed qualification and have a unique experience of work on especially dangerous and technically complex facilities.

We offer a wide range of services and technical support:

  • preparation of equipment for start-up;
  • complex maintenance during the warranty period;
  • service support in post-warantee period;
  • upgrade and completion;
  • current maintenance (local);
  • overhaul with dismantling of equipment;
  • supply and replacement of spare parts, components and consumables;
  • technical consulting and training;
  • services under the Long-Term Service Program;
  • remote monitoring.