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Service support in the post-warranty period

After the warranty period - in agreement with the operating companies - we continue to provide diversified service support for gas treatment equipment.

The qualifications and experience of our technical departments have earned recognition from both past customers and new partners. Therefore, along with the maintenance of ENERGAS units, we are entrusted with a comprehensive service at equipment of other manufacturers and suppliers.


The offered package of services is similar to the basic service program, which is valid during the warranty period.

Maintenance is carried out both in a single order, and under long-term contracts (up to 36 months) - every 4 or 8 thousand hours of operation time.


Control and auditing works are performed at gas treatment and compression units and include the following activities:

  • diagnostics of all elements and systems;
  • function tests;
  • check of operational parameters;
  • checking the compliance of gas at the outlet to the set design values;
  • drawing up of defect records.

As a result of these works, the customer receives professional, reasonable recommendations on the expediency of further actions, including local troubleshooting, replacement of components, upgrade, overhaul.


Depending on the reasons and objectives, the upgrade may include the installation of additional assemblies and components in the existing process flow diagram, as well as the replacement of obsolete or faulty systems. When implementing large-scale projects, additional gas treatment units are supplied to the operation site.

The development of upgrade is carried out by the engineers of the design department of the ENERGAS Group. At the same time, special attention is paid to the compactness of the equipment, the maximum compatibility of the embedded elements and the minimization of the work period.

Upon completion of the works, ServicENERGAS specialists perform pre-start procedures: adjusting, own tests, integrated testing within the facility (if necessary), training of the customer's personnel to the rules and norms of operation of the upgraded equipment.


The presence of the repair service and the repair shop within the ENERGAS Group allows for the qualitative execution of the relevant projects. We carry out current (local) maintenance or overhauls with dismantling, transportation and back mounting of equipment.

As a result of the repair, a detailed technical report is drawn up with the display and visualization of all stages. At the request of the customer, the progress of work can be recorded on video.

Commissioning and testing of equipment are carried out before restarting.


The ENERGAS group of companies is the focus of engineering experience in the development, start-up and operation of gas treatment and gas feeding units. We have also accumulated a unique practice of implementing process projects in especially dangerous and technically complex facilities.

This allows you to professionally maintain information support of the partners in course of operation of the supplied equipment.

In a round-the-clock mode, we are available for ongoing consultations and promptly respond to requests in case of emergency situations.

Our specialists organize and carry out travelling seminars at customer sites. The program of these seminars is developed individually - taking into account the specifics of the equipment and the facility itself, includes the theoretical and practical parts of the training.