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Power engineering

The history of power engineering in Russia knows several examples of the creation of modern test benches for factory testing of gas turbine units and gas pumping units (GTU and GPU).

Such test benches give an opportunity to integratedly test GTU and GPU in a wide range of power in nominal operating modes. At the same time, almost all technical standards incorporated in the project are controlled. The quality of manufacture and operability are checked as for individual parts and assemblies, and for units in general.

The main purpose of such tests is the creation of a system of guarantees for the effective operation of future power generating and gas transmission facilities. Still at the factory, the customer evaluates the degree of reliability of the unit, its compliance with the declared technical and economic characteristics and design requirements, and also receives a shorter time for erection and start-up & adjustment of equipment at the construction site.


The operability of the test benches themselves directly depends on the efficiency and reliability of the process equipment. This fully applies to the capabilities of facilities for treatment and feeding fuel to the turbines of the tested units.

Thus, the booster compressor stations "ENERGAS" for test benches are manufactured taking into account the power range and design features of the GTU and GPU. The equipment is developed on special projects and is designed for operation in conditions of high intensity of start-ups and shutdowns and different test times.

As a result, the initial gas feedstock is qualitatively treated as fuel gas with the established parameters for purity, pressure, temperature and flow - in strict accordance with the turbine operation standards.


The company ENERGAS makes a significant contribution to the development of domestic power engineering. Modern equipment for gas treatment and gas feeding was supplied to the following special purpose facilities:

  • multi-purpose adaptive test bench for gas turbine units of PJSC "Proton-Perm Motors";
  • universal test bench for control factory tests of full-gas-turbine units of JSC "UEC-Gas Turbines";
  • test bench for gas turbines of Nevsky Zavod CJSC;
  • test bench for equivalent cyclic testing of gas turbine engines of PJSC "UEC-Ufa Engine Industrial Association".

More details - in the article "Modern gas treatment equipment of "ENERGAS" for gas turbines test benches".