Block-type gas-control stations

Block-type gas-control stations (BGCS) are designed for continuous gas reduction and automatic maintenance of the outlet pressure at a set level - regardless of changes in inlet pressure and flow rate. This allows the transported gas to pass from a pipeline with a higher pressure to a pipeline with a lower pressure.

BGCSs are also used at generating facilities, where they reduce the fuel gas pressure in the feeding pipeline to the level required for the correct operation of gas-consuming equipment - boiler stations, gas-reciprocating and gas-diesel power plants, gas turbines.

The process units are equipped with a reducing subassembly, which have one or two lines, or a multi-line system for the parallel supply of gas (with different pressure parameters) to several consumers at one production site. The number of reducing lines in BGCS depends on the need to redundancy them and the number of consumers.

BGCS produced by ENERGAS is a multifunctional complex that, in addition to reducing pressure, purifies and heats up gas to stable design parameters. The functionality of the unit also includes flow measurement and gas quality control.

The main elements of the BGCS:

- Highly efficient gas filtration system with two-stage coalescing filters;
- Commercial or process metering unit;
- Gas heating module based on explosion-proof electric heaters with a device for smooth regulation and heating blocking;
- Reducing system;
- Outlet gas quality control unit with measuring and analytical equipment;
- Automated control system.

The block-type gas-control station is placed in a separate weatherproof module and is equipped with the necessary engineering systems, including systems of life support (heating, ventilation, and lighting) and safety (fire detection, gas detection, fire fighting, and alarm).

Equipment is supplied with a high degree of prefabrication (98%), what significantly reduces the commissioning time. The technical use ratio is 0.92+; coefficient of reliability of starts is 0.95+.

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