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Generating facilities in electric power industry

The present and future of Russia's electric power industry is associated with the construction of new facilities (GTU-TPP and CCGT-TPP), based on energy-efficient equipment - modern gas turbines, steam turbine units and waste heat boilers.

Important for the development of the industry is the reconstruction of existing facilities, the purpose of which is to move to work on the cogeneration or exhaust-fired-boiler cycle. As a result of such upgrade, the level of environmental problems is reduced, and the average efficiency of power plants rises to 45% and higher, which leads to significant fuel economy.

There is a direct dependence: the higher the design efficiency of the turbine, the more stringent the requirements for fuel gas. In this regard, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of gas treatment.

Gas processing in the electric power industry is a complex of technological measures for providing the generating equipment with a qualitative fuel gas with the established parameters for purity, humidity, pressure, temperature and flow - in strict accordance with the operational standards of the coupled turbines.

This direction of activities is one of the priority for the Group of companies ENERGAS. We equip new and upgraded power plants with reliable process units – booster compressor stations (BCS) and block-type gas treatment units (BGTU).

Depending on the design requirements and the quality of source gas, BCS and BGTU can be supplied separately (for autonomous operation) or integrated on a single site into a comprehensive gas treatment and gas feeding system.

ENERGAS participates in projects of any scale and complexity. In the electric power industry, our equipment provides turbine fuel of a wide range of electrical power - from 3.5 to 187 MW.

Gas treatment units of ENERGAS operate in conjunction with power units of the leading domestic and world manufacturers: "UEC-Gas Turbines" and "UEC-Saturn", "UEC-Perm Motors" and "UEC-Aviadvigatel", Kazan and Ufa Engine Industrial Associations, "Nevsky Zavod", "Russian Gas Turbines", "Power Machines", Alstom, Turbomach, Centrax, Solar, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Kawasaki, Wartsila, Siemens, General Electric.

* ENERGAS Group performed 48 projects in the power industry, within which 89 units were supplied (as of September 24, 2017)


Combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT unit) with electric capacity of 190 MW was commissioned at the Novomoskovsk State District Power Station in 2013. At the base of CCGT unit there are gas turbine of type Frame 9E (PG9171E) manufactured by General Electric, steam turbine of type SST PAC 600 produced by Siemens and waste-heat steam boiler. The fuel is natural gas.

The required gas quality with design parameters to the purity, temperature and pressure is provided by the gas treatment system of "ENERGAS", which comprises block-type gas treatment unit and booster compressor station consisting of two units.

Block-type gas treatment unit (BGTU) is a multifunctional processing unit of maximum prefabrication. Its main purpose is measurement of gas flow rate and gas filtration. Capacity of the BGTU of brand GS-FME-5000/12 is 60,000 m3 / h.

BGTU is equipped with gas metering station and high-efficient separation system. The degree of gas purification from solids and condensed moisture (larger than 10 microns) rises to 99.98%. There is provided possibility of quick replacement of filtering elements.

Gas treatment unit is additionally equipped with standby filtration line and dew-point measurement system with a sampling device.

BGTU is placed in separate sound- and heat-insulated block-box with integration of the equipment on a single frame. It operates in automatic mode; it is equipped with life support systems and safety systems.

Booster compressor station, which is supplied by the company "ENERGAS", performs compression and feeding fuel gas to the turbine under operating pressure of 3.2 MPa. BCS is composed of two compressor units (CU) of screw type; capacity of each is 16,500 m3 / h.

CU are equipped with two-level systems of capacity control (bypass line and spool regulation), individual ACS, as well as with group-technology cell of automated control system which is integrated into APCS of the combined-cycle plant.

Compressor units are placed in own weatherproof shelters; they are equipped with systems of primary and emergency lighting, heating and ventilation of premise, gas detection and  fire extinguishing system, systems of individual oil feeding and gas cooling.

All packaged process equipment is designed on individual projects. Inside CU and BGTU there is provided open space for easy availability to all assemblies and components what provides possibility for comfortable all-season performing of service activities (maintenance, spare parts and consumables replacement, overhaul, upgrade).