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Long-term service program

Experience shows that the constant maintenance of the operating state of equipment and the prevention of malfunctions are much cheaper than serious repairs in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

More and more operating companies are aware of the flawed approach "when it breaks, then we fix it." After all, despite the seeming "extra" costs for the planned service, the regulated post-warranty service of gas treatment and compression process units unambiguously entails its specific advantages.

At a minimum, it provides assigned operation time of the units themselves, which reduces the overall operating costs. But most important that it ensures the uninterrupted operation of the associated gas-consuming equipment or facility for the extraction, treatment and transportation of gas.

ENERGAS Group develops the Program for the provision of long-term service services on a mutually beneficial basis. As part of this program, we sign long-term contracts (up to 36 months) for comprehensive services.

Contracts are concluded with regard to equipment of own production and to equipment of other manufacturers and suppliers. At the same time, the algorithm for planned actions is developed and agreed with the customer, the sequence of work and the schedule for their implementation are determined.

It is important that each stage is less expensive for partners than similar works performed in a single, one-time (or, even more so, an emergency) mode.

Mobile engineering groups are based in Moscow and Surgut. This makes it possible to carry out planned activities on-site and react promptly to requests in the event of abnormal situations.

Long-term agreements may include the following options: 

  • basic service program;
  • consulting and training;
  • control and auditing work;
  • upgrade and equipment completion;
  • supply of consumables.