Booster compressor stations for associated gas

ENERGAS is a trusted leader in the supply of booster compressor stations (BCS) to facilities of the oil and gas production complex.

Our BCS are designed for final treatment and pumping low-pressure (up to 0.5 MPa) associated petroleum gas. They are used in the gathering and pipeline transport of gas, and also treat APG as fuel for the power centers for own needs of fields created on the basis of GTPP or GTU-CHPP.

A distinctive feature of these BCS is the enhanced filtration system. At the inlet of the units, high-performance separators are mounted - two-stage filters-scrubbers with automatic drainage system, which perform the removal of liquid fractions and solid particles. To supply associated gas to the turbines of power centers, the units are equipped with additional fine filters, located at the outlet of BCS.

This allows you to operate with source gas of any quality and component composition.

Compressor units are fully automated and do not require additional manual tuning to debug the correct interaction of various equipment systems. When several units operate together, individual ACSs are integrated into the group automated control system, which coordinates the operation of the units in the compressor station.

The gas flow rate is controlled by a special two-level system. The first level (circuit) changes the position of the compressor spool and adjusts the capacity of the unit in the range of 15 ... 100%, which ensures high efficiency of its operation, even at partial loads. The second circuit - the bypass line - prevents the increase in pressure in the BCS with a sharp decrease in gas consumption and regulates the capacity in the range 0 ... 15%.

Depending on operating conditions and the environment, booster compressor stations of "ENERGAS" are supplied in container, hangar (intra shop) or arctic version.

At the production facilities, our equipment besides APG also compresses gas of condensate deethanization and gas from Cenomanian water.

Special attention should be paid to the company's experience in operation with associated gas of extremely low pressure, close to vacuum (from -0.05 MPa g). In such projects special units are used - vacuum compressor stations.

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