Fuel gas treatment facility for the power supply complex of Kharasavey field

Number of units: 2 modules (FGTM-1 and FGTM-2) operating in cascade scheme

Designed for: gas separation, filtration, metering, heating and reducing

Version: on open frame (FGTM-1) / multiblock with common roof (FGTM-2)

Inlet pressure: 12.7 MPa

Outlet pressure: 0.4…0.45 MPa per GRPP / 1.2…1.25 MPa per PAES

Capacity: 8,000 m3 / h (5,000 m3 / h per GRPP; 3,000 m3 / h per PAES)

Commissioning: October 2021

Customer: LLC Allocation Hub (for JSC Gazstroyprom / PJSC Gazprom)

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