At the Kharasavey, the gas treatment equipment for the auxiliary power supply complex has been installed

8 September 2021

As part of the project to equip the Kharasavey field of PJSC Gazprom, a power supply complex is being created here to supply electricity to construction sites. The operating company and the owner of the power supply complex is Allocation Hub LLC.

As the primary source of power supply, eight packaged gas-reciprocating power plants ROLT are used. Six GRPPs are made based on the MWM TCG 2020 V20 (Caterpillar) engine with a capacity of 2 MW, two more GRPPs are based on the MWM TCG 2020 V12 (1.2 MW). The main consumer of electricity will be a rotational camp for 5,000 people.

The generating facility will also include four mobile automated gas-turbine power plants PAES-2500 with a rated capacity of 2.5 MW each. These PAESs are designed to supply electricity to hydraulic flushing units.

Currently, the erection of a fuel gas treatment facility has been completed at the construction site. The FGTF manufactured by ENERGAS will provide the required design parameters of natural gas produced at the field before it is supplied to the power units. The maximum capacity of the facility is 8,000 m3 / h, including: gas consumption for GRPPs – 5,000 m3 / h, for PAES turbines – 3,000 m3 / h.

FGTF is a multifunctional complex of two modules operating in cascade scheme. Fuel gas treatment module (FGTM) No. 1 is made on an open frame and is intended for preliminary separation, filtration and pressure reduction of the incoming gas. FGTM-1 comprises the following process equipment:

- Separator-slugcatcher with a volume of 1 m3;
- Two-stage filter coalescer, purification rate is 99,9% for the particles larger than 5 microns;
- Gas condensate gathering and storage unit with 10 m3 underground tank;
- Reduction system (gas pressure at the inlet is 12.7 MPa, at the outlet is 5.45 MPa).

After the first stage of treatment, the fuel gas enters to module No. 2, where the its final purification, flow measurement, heating and additional pressure reduction take place. FGTM-2 is a block-box, divided into compartments, which accommodate equipment for various purposes:

- Filtration system with coalescing elements, purification degree is 100% for the liquid fraction and 99.9% for solid particles larger than 3 microns;
- Condensate drainage subassembly with 5 m3 tank;
- Gas commercial metering unit, consisting of measuring and control lines with ultrasonic flow meters;
- Gas heating module with a capacity of 500 kW based on a shell-and-tube heat exchanger;
- Four-line reduction system (gas pressure at the inlet is 5.45 MPa, at the outlet – 0.45 MPa for GRPPs and 1.25 MPa for PAESs);
- Outlet fuel quality control subassembly with measuring and analytical equipment;
- Packaged boiler room for the preparation of the heat carrier, including two boilers with a total thermal capacity of 0.6 MW.

FGTM-2 is equipped with engineering systems, including life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety (fire detection, gas detection, alarm and fire fighting).

Fuel gas treatment facility was devised according to individual design and was manufactured taking into account the operating conditions, characteristics of the source gas (composition, quality, delivery volume, pressure, temperature), type and capacity of conjugated gas-consuming units, process tasks, and special project requirements. Equipment is fully automated and aimed for intensive operation mode.

The commissioning of the FGTF (adjusting, own and integrated tests, training of the operating personnel) is carried out by the specialists of ServicENERGAS, a member of the ENERGAS Group.


The Kharasavey gas condensate field is located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, mainly on the Yamal Peninsula and partially in the Kara Sea. By the size of gas reserves (2 trillion cubic meters), it belongs to the unique category.

In March 2019, Gazprom began full-scale development of the Cenomanian-Aptian deposits here. The start of production is scheduled for 2023. In the future, it is planned to develop deeper Neocom-Jurassic deposits. The field is being equipped by JSC Gazstroyprom, the sole contractor of Gazprom Group enterprises.

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