Gas turbine units of UEC-Gas Turbines have worked for 7 million hours

15 June 2022

In June 2022 the total accumulated operating time of gas turbine machines from JSC UEC-Gas Turbines (UEC-GT, part of United Engine Corporation of the Rostec) reached 7 million hours. Equipment maintenance and operating time monitoring is carried out by the Installation, Commissioning and Service Department of UEC-Engineering LLC.

In 2006, a separate enterprise was created from the Management of the Implementation of Terrestrial Industrial Programs of OJSC NPO Saturn – OJSC Saturn - Gas Turbines, which in 2009 became the head company of the United Engine Corporation for the production of power generating and gas-pumping units and the complex construction of power generation facilities. In 2014, the name was changed to JSC UEC - Gas Turbines. The company is based in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region.

In total, the company manufactured 436 gas-turbine (generating and gas-pumping) units with a total capacity of 5.5 GW, which are operating or are at the stage of pre-commissioning at various facilities.

Gas-pumping units with a capacity of 16 and 25 MW substantially contributed to achieving a high operating time, produced on demand of PJSC Gazprom for the largest national infrastructure projects, including Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream and Power of Siberia.

The leading position in terms of accumulated operating time is taken by GTA-6RM gensets, which provide electricity and heat to gas and oil fields, and municipal and industrial facilities. Today, 16 partners of the Rybinsk enterprise, including Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Lukoil and other leading companies in Fuel and Energy Complex, use 83 GTA-6RM units.

The operational reliability of the GTA is based, among other things, on the unique capabilities of the universal bench for control factory tests (CFT). UEC-GT's own testing complex allows to check individual parts and assemblies, as well as to test entire design of gas-turbine gensets as a whole.

The commissioning of the bench for CFT in 2014 became an event in the domestic gas-turbine engine building. Under new conditions, the transition time from the pilot models to serial production was significantly reduced, and the operation of the equipment manufactured by UEC-GT is provided at a new high-grade level. Thanks to comprehensive testing, the installation and adjusting duration of gensets on the facilities decreased at least 4 times.

At the test bench, full-scope factory tests of generating equipment with a wide range of capacity are carried out: GTPP-2.5 (2.5 MW), GTA-6RM and -8RM (6 and 8 MW), GTA-10GT (10 MW), GTA-14 and GTA-16 (14 and 16 MW).

For the testable units, special design parameters of fuel gas are specified in terms of purity (impurity content is no more than 2 ppmw), pressure (3.5 … 5 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C) and flow rate (8,000 … 16,000 m3 / h). These calculated values are provided by ENERGAS booster compressor station, which feed treated fuel to the turbines. This BCS was specially devised to operate in conditions of high intensity of starts.


JSC UEC-GT is an integrator and full-service supplier of highly-efficient equipment for the needs of power generating and oil and gas companies, housing and utilities agencies, nuclear and chemical industries, energy-intensives industries.

The company specializes in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of power generating and gas-pumping units, construction of power plants, maintenance of power facilities. Innovative developments and the best samples of turbines manufactured by UEC enterprises are the basis of its product.

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