The first mass-produced high-capacity gas turbine has been manufactured in Russia

18 January 2023

The United Engine Corporation (UEC) has produced the first mass-produced GTD-110M gas turbine. The product has been successfully tested at the Ivanovo CCGT power plant and has confirmed its characteristics in terms of capacity (110 MW) and stability of operation.

The turbine developers are PJSC Inter RAO, the engineering center Gas Turbine Technologies (Rosnano Group) and PJSC UEC-Saturn (JSC UEC, Rostec State Corporation). The GTD-110M engine was manufactured at the scheduled time by the UEC-Saturn enterprise in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, for the Udarnaya TPP under construction in the Krasnodar Territory.

Starting from 2024, the annual production of two such power units is supposed. High-capacity turbines will form the basis of the upgrade programs for TPPs and SDPPs of generating companies. Maintenance of the GTD-110M will be carried out by UEC-High-Capacity Turbines.

Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec: This is the first domestic high-capacity turbine, which is embodied in hardware and has reached the stage of mass production. It is focused primarily on the domestic market and is designed to replace foreign turbines that are not supplied to the country due to sanctions. The needs of power engineers are estimated at several dozen units of such equipment. Starting from 2024, we plan to produce at least two such turbines annually with a further increase in production volumes.

Sergey Mikhailov, Deputy General Director of UEC for Energy and Industrial Programs: The promising development of the UEC in terms of technical parameters is not inferior to foreign analogues. At the same time, the GTD-110M has smaller weight and size characteristics, which significantly expands the possibilities for delivering a gas turbine engine to customers. In accordance with the instructions of the customer, VO Technopromexport LLC, the turbine will be directed to the Udarnaya TPP.


The GTD-110M gas turbine engine is designed to drive electric generators as part of gas-turbine and combined-cycle plants with an electric capacity of 115 MW and will be used at generating facilities of the Unified Energy System of Russia. Distinctive features of the GTD-110M in comparison with foreign analogues are lower weight and dimensions, as well as high fuel efficiency. Previously, turbines with similar capacity were imported from abroad.

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