The factory power plant of JSC Apatit has been providing energy for chemical production for ten years

2 November 2022

An autonomous gas turbine power plant operates in the cogeneration cycle, its electric and thermal capacity is 32 MW and 50 MW, respectively.

On October 26, 2012, a complex for the production of carbamide was put into operation at the site of JSC PhosAgro-Cherepovets (now JSC Apatit), the first carbamide production of full technological cycle, created in the modern history of the country.

Apatit JSC (Cherepovets chemical cluster of PhosAgro Group) is Europe's largest producer of phosphorus–containing fertilizers, phosphoric and sulfuric acids, as well as one of the leaders in Russia in terms of production of NPK fertilizers, ammonia and ammonium nitrate.

The company's production capacities allow to produce more than 7.5 million tons of fertilizers per year. At the same time, the enterprise provides itself with 80% of electricity of own generating.

At the same time, a gas turbine power plant was commissioned here to supply production with its own energy resources. GTPP operates in the cogeneration cycle, its electric and thermal capacity is 32 MW and 50 MW, respectively.

With the start of the autonomous power supply complex, its own capacities of PhosAgro-Cherepovets increased to 134 MW. The capabilities of the GTPP allowed to reduce the specific energy consumption by 2.5 times per 1 ton of products. The applied energy technologies provided the enterprise with a qualitatively new level of environmental safety, resource saving, labor productivity and competitiveness.

As part of the GTPP, electricity is generated by a GE Energy gas turbine unit (GTU) of the LM2500+G4 DLE type. This GTU is conjugated with a waste-heat boiler Vapor (Finland), which, due to the heat of the turbine exhaust gases, produces high-potential process steam with a pressure of 3.9 MPa and a temperature of 360°C in an amount of 80 tons per hour.

High-pressure main gas is used as the main fuel at the GTPP. For the reliability of gas supply to the power supply complex, the ENERGAS booster compressor station (BCS) installed on the backup low-pressure pipeline is integrated into its structure.

If it necessary, BCS will provide the turbine with fuel with the specified design parameters in terms of purity (content of impurities does not exceed 2 mg / kg), temperature (+60°C), pressure (3.8 MPa) and flow rate (10,000 m3 / h).


Among the priorities of the ENERGAS Group are production, comprehensive commissioning and maintenance of gas treatment and compression units for generating facilities in the electric power industry, oil and gas complex and industrial enterprises. Today, the ENERGAS process equipment provides high-quality fuel for 230 gas turbines and gas-reciprocating units with a total capacity of over 6.7 GW.

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