ENERGAS is preparing to launch a gas compressor station for the factory power supply complex of the new HAYAT enterprise

5 November 2022

This process equipment is part of the ENERGAS comprehensive gas treatment system which will provide the SOLAR Mars 100 turbines with fuel with specified design parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate.

HAYAT Russia is increasing its production capacities – a large plant for the production of sanitary and hygienic paper products was built at the Borovsk site of the Kaluga special economic zone.

Here, an autonomous (decentralized) power supply complex has been created to supply production with its own energy resources. Electricity will be generated by the two SOLAR Mars 100 gas turbine units (GTU) with an installed capacity of 10 MW each. The production of high-potential process steam will be provided by the two waste heat boilers with a productivity of 15 t / h each. In addition to the cogeneration power unit, the structure of the power supply complex includes an auxiliary gas boiler house.

The supply of the GTU and boiler house with fuel with the specified design parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate will be guaranteed by the ENERGAS multifunctional system – a block-type gas treatment station (BGTS) and a booster compressor station (BCS).

BGTS with a throughput of 9,317 m3 / h is intended for metering, filtration, pressure reduction and quality control of gas. This process unit has been put into operation and at this stage (before the GTU launch) provides fuel to the boiler units.

The screw-type booster compressor station, which is part of the ENERGAS system, is intended to compress the fuel treated in the BGTS and feed it to the turbine at a pressure of 2.6 MPa. The maximum volume capacity of BCS is 6,336 Nm3 / h, gas flow rate depends on the load of the GTU and is controlled in the range from 0 to 100% by a special two-circuit regulation system.

The process flow scheme of the BCS guarantees stable maintenance of the design fuel temperature necessary for the normal operation of turbine. The delivery line of the station is equipped with a heat exchanger which cools the working medium to the level of the optimum gas supply temperature (+70°C) set by the GTU manufacturer and terms of the project.

Taking into account the stringent requirements for the purity of fuel gas, the basic filtration system of the BCS, consisting of gas-oil separator and coalescing filter of the 1st and 2nd stages of purification, is enhanced due additional elements: 1) a protective strainer is installed on the suction line of the compressor station; 2) a safety filter for fine purification of gas is built into BCS module. Eventually, the content of impurities in the fuel at the inlet to the GTU shut-off valve block does not exceed 0.1 ppmw (mg / kg).

Gas-booster unit is housed in its individual shelter equipped with life support systems. According to safety requirements, BCS is equipped with fire detection, gas detection, alarm, and fire-extinguishing systems.

The station was mounted at the operational site of new HAYAT enterprise. The installation, alignment and fixing of the BCS on the foundation, assembling of large units and piping arrangement have been performed, power supply has been connected, air cooling devices were built on.

At present, adjustment works are underway at the BCS. Pre-start activities will be completed with own (individual) testing and integrated tests of the equipment as part of the power supply complex.

Commissioning of the gas compressor station and training of operational personnel are carried out by the specialists of ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group).


Among the priorities of the ENERGAS Group are production, comprehensive commissioning and maintenance of gas treatment and compression units for generating facilities in the electric power industry, oil and gas complex and industrial enterprises. Today, the ENERGAS process equipment provides high-quality fuel for 230 gas turbines and gas-reciprocating units with a total capacity of over 6.7 GW.

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