The unique Training Center of PJSC Surgutneftegas celebrated its 5th anniversary

21 July 2021

Since July 2016, the Training Center of PJSC Surgutneftegas – Polytechnic Training Center (PTC) – has been operating at West-Surgut field (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area). Here you can obtain fundamental knowledge or improve your qualification in 349 professions. The centre's capabilities allow it to receive up to 500 trainees from among the company's employees every day.

Even before the design stage of the PTC, the specialists of the Surgutneftegas traveled and got acquainted with the experience of a number of similar facilities in Russia and abroad. Today, based on the results of the 5-year activity of the Center, it can be stated that it has no analogues not only in our country but also in the world.

The PTC is equipped with modern simulators, computer classes and laboratories. Here at the special ground there are installed training samples of equipment functioning in the fields of the company.

ENERGAS also contributed to the creation of the PTC since it supplied and commissioned a compressor unit-simulator (CU) for work as part of the training ground. This machine made based on a screw oil-filled compressor compresses atmospheric air (up to 0.6 MPa) for demonstration of technological processes taking place during the gathering and pipeline transportation of gas.

The training CU is used when training of specialists of the appropriate profile. Its capacity varies in the range of 0...300 m3 / h and is controlled by a two-circuit regulation system: the 1st circuit is the control by the compressor spool valve, the 2nd circuit is a recirculation system with a bypass line.

At the CU suction line, the incoming air treatment subassembly is located – a highly efficient filter-separator, similar to scrubbers for gas purification, which are built-in in compressor units operating at Surgutneftegas facilities.

The unit-simulator is fully automated. The control system, same as on the actually operating ENERGAS gas-booster equipment, carries out preparation for start, start-up, shutdown and maintaining the optimum operating mode of the CU; it controls process parameters; it provides automatic protection and alarm system; it handles the parameters of the workflow and emergency events; issues information to the operator panel.

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