Specialists of Belorusneft confirmed quality and reliability of the ENERGAS equipment for associated gas treatment

15 February 2016

At the oil field of Rechitsaneft oil and gas production department (RUE PO Belorusneft), from 2013 onwards, the system for treatment low-pressure associated gas has been smoothly operating. This project was carried out by the Russian company ENERGAS in accordance with the Republican program of APG recovery.

In the basis of APG treatment system there is a booster compressor station (BCS) consisting of two compressor units (CU). BCS treats and compresses low-pressure associated gas from 0.1 to 0.7 MPa for transportation to the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant.

On the results of 3 years operation, the Belorusneft sent to the address of LLC ENERGAS thank-you letter, in which there is noted the high reliability of partnerships at all stages of commissioning and further technical support of the facility. It was highlighted that the gas treatment process equipment "was designed and manufactured in compliance with the terms of specifications and high requirements for the quality of this type of equipment in accordance with the norms and standards applicable in the territory of the Republic of Belarus".

The process task is solved on special project, developed on base of set of the consistent engineering solutions. In particular, low pressure CUs are equipped with high-speed inlet valves that allows you to cut off inlet pipeline from the main trunk line and prevent the oil ejection from the oil system into the inlet filter-scrubber.

At operation "under vacuum" heavy gas enters in the unit and it often precipitates in the condensate, at the same time it is oil-soluble and it brings to nought oil properties. To resolve this problem, there is used more viscous oil, and gas compression takes place at an elevated temperature.

Special design requirements of the customer also provide limitation of APG temperature in outlet – not more than 40°C. In order to achieve a stable temperature when working with low-pressure associated gas, in the APG treatment system there is included a chiller (refrigerating unit). This equipment insures an additional gas cooling.

In course of operation, specialists of ServicENERGAS Company (ENERGAS Group), according to the agreed schedule with the customer, carry out a comprehensive maintenance of the system. Service activities are implemented with sequential switching off of compressor units, which ensures non-stop operation of the whole gas treatment complex.

REFERENCE. Rechitsa oil field is located in Rechitsa district of Gomel region; it is in the industrial development since 1967. Belarusian Gas Processing Plant specializes in the processing of associated petroleum gas and imported raw materials (broad fraction of light hydrocarbons). GPP produces liquefied gases, stable gas naphtha, hydrocarbon propellant, tail gas.

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