The combined cycle gas turbine unit CCGT-115 at Kursk CHPP of the North-Western District – 10 year of efficient operation

15 July 2021

The CHPP of the North-Western District (NWD CHPP, Quadra PJSC) is one of the main sources of energy supply to Kursk. It provides heat and hot water to the most densely populated areas of the city – North-Western, South-Western, AAS and Pobedy Avenue.

A milestone in the history of the NWD CHPP was 2011, when a modern combined cycle gas turbine unit CCGT-115 was built on its production site. This increased the heat output and made it possible to start generating electricity for supplies to the wholesale market.

Overall, the commissioning of CCGT raised the efficiency factor and profitability of power plant, optimized the electricity and heat supply to the city, increased the reliability and steadiness of the Kursk Region's power system, as well as provided additional capabilities for the economic development of the region.

The regular attestation conducted in February of this year showed that with the installed capacity of 116.9 MW, the actual available capacity of the combined-cycle power unit exceeds 118 MW.

CCGT-115 is equipped with efficient equipment with high technical indicators. There are two air-craft derivative GE gas turbine units – GTUs of the type LM6000 PD with a capacity boost system SPRINT. This technology helps to reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber due to the spraying of fine-dispersed water dust. In this case, the compressor compresses and supplies more air, that increases the productivity of the turbine. The single electric capacity of the GTU providing the main generation amounts to 45 MW.

The turbines of LM6000 range are the leader in the capacity segment of 40+ MW. Currently, there are over the 1,300 LM6000 GTU operating in the world, which have worked more than 40 million hours with 99.8% reliability. These units are characterized by compact size (about 5 m in length), record-breaking fast launch (5 min), prompt full capacity reaching (less than 10 min), fuel effectiveness and high efficiency in a simple cycle (up to 42%).

From turbines, the exhausted hot gases (fuel combustion products) enter the Pr-75-39-440D waste-heat boilers manufactured by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk which generate steam for secondary electricity generation. The resulting superheated steam is sent to a turbo unit with a rated capacity of 25 MW based on a T-25/34-3.4/0.12 steam turbine of Kaluga Turbine Plant (combined cycle).

Therefore, the technologies used at CCGT-115 guarantee combined energy generation, high gas fuel efficiency and overall facility efficiency.

Power unit also comprises two ENERGAS booster compressor stations. Modular BCSs provide fuel gas supply to the turbines with the set design parameters for pressure (4.9 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C) and flow rate (13,000 m3 / h). These process units, made based on screw oil-filled compressors, operate in automatic mode; their control systems are integrated with the APCS upper level of Kursk NWD CHPP.

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