The combined cycle gas turbine unit CCGT-110 in Astrakhan has passed the 10-year milestone of efficient operation

26 April 2021

On April 26, 2011, a combined cycle gas turbine unit was commissioned at the Astrakhan SDPP site (LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo), which became the first new-generation facility built by PJSC LUKOIL in the South of Russia. CCGT-110 actually replaced the power plant that had worked out its resource, and the obsolete equipment was dismantled.

Investments in the reconstruction of AstraSDPP came to 4.6 billion rubles. The implementation of the project not only increased the electrical capacity but also significantly improved the technical, economic and environmental characteristics of the facility:

- Efficiency factor increased from 29% to 51%;
- Annual electricity generation has doubled;
- Specific reference fuel consumption has decreased almost by 2 times;
- Emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere decreased by 2-3 times.

Overall, the commissioning of CCGT-110 minimized the negative impact on the environment, increased the generation of electricity in the power grid of the Astrakhan Region, optimized the city heating system, increased the reliability of energy supply to the housing complex and industrial enterprises, which created conditions for the development of infrastructure in Astrakhan.

Combined-cycle plant is equipped with efficient equipment with high technical indicators. There are two air-craft derivative GE gas turbine units – GTUs of the type LM6000 PF DLE with a power boost system SPRINT. This technology helps to reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber of the turbine due to the spraying of fine-dispersed water dust. In this case, the compressor compresses and supplies more air, that increases the output capacity of the turbine.

Each GTU is equipped with a combustion chamber type DLE with a system for dry suppression of nitrogen oxide emissions in the entire power range. This allows maintaining a low level of emissions even with incomplete loading of the turbine. The unit electric capacity of gas turbine units at CCGT-110 is 46.64 MW.

From turbines, exhausted hot gases (fuel combustion products) with a temperature of about 450°C enter waste-heat boilers of two pressures KGT-44/4.6-435-13/0.5-210 (Belenergomash). Two WHBs with a capacity of 58 t / h generate steam for secondary power generation.

The steam produced in the WHBs is sent to a steam turbine unit (STU) based on a stationary cogeneration turbine T-14/23-4.5/0.18 manufactured by the Kaluga Turbine Plant. The maximum electric capacity of the STU is 23.8 MW. Part of the steam in a controlled mode is taken from the STU (heating offtake) to heat the network water, which then supplied to the city network for heating and hot water supply.

Therefore, the technologies used in the combined-cycle plant provide combined energy generation, high fuel efficiency and overall facility efficiency. The designed electric capacity of the CCGT is 110 MW (actual - 121 MW), thermal capacity – 66 Gcal / h.

Local natural gas is used as the main and reserve fuel. Its pre-set parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate are guaranteed by the ENERGAS process system: a gas treatment station, an unit for additional filtration (fine purification) and a compressor station (high-pressure CS) of two gas booster units. The system also includes a low-pressure CS installed on the reserve gas supply pipeline.

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