The main module of the fuel gas treatment facility underwent integrated tests as part of the CGCTP at East-Urengoy area

10 July 2020

In order of full development of the East-Urengoy licensed area of JSC Rospan International (Rosneft), a complex gas and condensate treatment plant has been built here. CGCTP includes an ENERGAS multi-packaged fuel gas treatment facility (FGTF).

This FGTF is intended to filtering, metering, heating, reducing gas and parallel feeding it to the main and auxiliary facilities. Among them: gas turbine power plant (GTPP), boiler house, technical propane-butane purification unit from methanol, intake flow lines, low-temperature separation unit, burner for combustion of industrial wastes, methanol regeneration unit, flare unit, booster compressor station of low-pressure gases, and condensate stabilization unit. For each consumer, the supplied gas has individual parameters in terms of pressure, temperature and flow rate.

The ENERGAS FGTF comprises two modules – the main and standby. They are block-buildings, composed of several process block-boxes. Modules are equipped with life support and safety systems and are fully automated; the local ACSs are integrated with the upper level of the APCS. The equipment was designed and manufactured taking into account the climatic conditions of the region and is aimed for intensive operation mode.

The main fuel gas treatment module (FGTM-1) will provide the needs of 100% of CGCTP consumers. Its maximum capacity is 90,400 Nm3 / h. The standby FGTM-2 with a capacity of 32,612 Nm3 / h is turned on when the FGTM-1 is shutdown and supplies gas fuel to the boilers and turbines.

FGTM-1 successfully passed 72-hour integrated tests with operability check of all the elements and systems. Comprehensive testing was carried out under load – in conjunction with gas-using equipment of GTPP and boiler house.

The commissioning of the FGTF is performed by the specialists of ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group).

The East-Urengoy licensed area is located in the Purovsky District of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area of the Tyumen Region. With its launch, the annual amount of gas production by Rospan International should increase fivefold and reach a level of over 19 billion cubic meters.

The designed capacity of the CGCTP in terms of the volume of natural gas treatment is:

- 16.7 billion cubic meters of dry gas per year;
- Up to 4.5 million tons of stable gas condensate;
- Over 1 million tons of propane-butane fraction.

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