New gas turbine power plant at East-Urengoy licensed area is launched in test mode

9 February 2020

An auxiliary gas turbine power plant has been built at the site of the CGCTP of Rospan International (part of PJSC NK Rosneft). The 105 MW GTPP will provide electricity for the facilities of production, processing and transportation of oil, gas and gas condensate at the East-Urengoy licensed area.

The new power plant consists of seven Titan 130 GTUs (Solar) with rated capacity of 15 MW each. At present, a trial run of the GTPP has taken place – two turbines have been put into operation.

Fuel for the turbines comes from a fuel gas treatment facility. FGTF manufactured by ENERGAS is integrated into the complex gas and condensate treatment plant (CGCTP) and is intended to filtering, metering, heating, pressure reducing gas and parallel feeding it to the main and auxiliary facilities. In addition to the GTPP, this is a boiler house, a technical propane-butane purification unit from methanol, intake flow lines, a low-temperature separation unit, a burner for combustion of industrial wastes, a methanol regeneration unit, a flare unit, a booster compressor station of low-pressure gases, and a condensate stabilization unit. For each consumer, the supplied gas has individual parameters in terms of pressure, temperature and flow rate.

The FGTF includes 8 units for various purposes, combined into two modules – the main (FGTM-1) and standby (FGTM-2). FGTM-1 will provide the needs of 100% of CGCTP consumers. The FGTM-2 is turned on when the main module is shutdown and supplies gas fuel to the GTPP and boiler house. Their capacity is 90,400 and 32,612 Nm3 / h, respectively.

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