Operating time of fuel gas compressor station at the CCGT-115 combined-cycle plant of the Kursk NWD CHPP exceeded 75 thousand hours

27 June 2022

Process equipment is composed of two gas compressor units. Engineers of the LLC ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group) carried out their comprehensive maintenance.

Booster compressor station (BCS) feeds the turbines of combined-cycle plant with fuel gas with specified parameters in terms of purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate. Modular units are made based on screw oil-filled compressors, operation mode as a part of the CCGT is uninterrupted with scheduled shutdowns for maintenance.

BCS underwent another comprehensive maintenance, at this point, the operating time of each compressor unit (CU) exceeded 75 thousand hours. Routine maintenance works have been carried out by the specialists of LLC ServicENERGAS.

At the same time, one of the compressors was inspected, for which the aggregate was dismantled and transported to the site of the Repair and Training Center of the ENERGAS Group. As a result of the diagnostics there was compiled defect sheet, were prepared recommendations on replacement of defective and exhausted assemblies and components.

At CHPP of the North-Western District of Kursk (NWD CHPP, Quadra PJSC), this BCS for fuel gas was commissioned by ENERGAS in June 2011. The unit volume capacity of CU is 13,000 m3 / h. Gas flow rate depends on the load of the conjugated CCGT turbines and is controlled in the range from 0 to 100% of nominal. For control, a special two-tier capacity regulation system is applied.

Highly efficient compressor module of units gives a high gas compression ratio:
- Pressure at the suction is 0.5 MPa,
- Pressure at the delivery line is 4.9 MPa (limited by the settings of gas turbine units).

The project requirements for the gas purity are ensured by the multistage filtration system of CU: inlet protective strainer, gas-oil separator of the 1st stage of purification and coalescing (safety) filter of the 2nd stage. Thus, compliance of the fuel with the set parameters is guaranteed: the content of impurities in gas at the outlet is no more than 2 ppmw (mg / kg), the degree of purification from solid particles larger than 10 microns and liquid fraction is 100%.

The process flow scheme of BCS provides for the stable maintenance of the calculated fuel temperature. The delivery lines of the compressor units are equipped with a heat exchangers which cool the working medium and guarantee the optimum gas supply temperature (not higher than +60°C).

Packaged CUs are fully automated and are housed in their own all-weather shelters of container type, equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation, and lighting). According to safety requirements, process units are equipped with fire detection, gas detection, alarm and fire fighting systems.


The CHPP of the North-Western District is one of the main sources of energy supply to Kursk. Thermal power plant provides heat and hot water to the most densely populated areas of the city – North-Western, South-Western, AAS and Pobedy Avenue.

A milestone in the history of the NWD CHPP was 2011, when a highly efficient CCGT-115 was put into operation here, which increased heat output and made it possible to generate electricity for the wholesale market.

With an installed electric capacity of 116.9 MW, the actual available capacity of the power unit exceeds 118 MW. CCGT-115 was created on the basis of two gas turbine units of type LM6000 PD Sprint with unit capacity of 45 MW (GE), steam turbine of type PT-25/34-3.4/0.12 with rated capacity of 25 MW (Kaluga Turbine Plant), and two waste-heat boilers Pr-75-39-440D (Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk).

Overall, the commissioning of this combined cycle gas turbine unit raised the efficiency factor and profitability of power plant, optimized the electricity and heat supply to the city, increased the reliability and steadiness of the Kursk Region's power system, as well as provided additional capabilities for the economic development of the region.

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