To the Novopolotsk CHPP there are delivered gas compressor units for the peak-standby energy source

10 July 2022

At the Novopolotsk CHPP, the 100 MW gas turbine power plant based on two Siemens SGT-800 turbines is being created. It is one of four peak-standby energy source (PSES) under construction today for the unified power grid of the Republic of Belarus.

Under a contract with Siemens Energy, the Russian Company ENERGAS is equipping the Novopolotsk PSES with gas treatment and fuel supply equipment – a gas receiving station, a booster compressor station (BCS) and an end system of filtration. This equipment will ensure the design parameters of the fuel for power generating units.

The gas receiving station is intended to preliminary purification and commercial metering of gas, the planned flow volume is 29,210 m3 / h. The filtration system of 4 high-efficiency separators will provide fine purification of fuel at the inlet to the SGT-800 shut-off valve block.

Compressor station, consisting of two booster units, will boost gas pressure from 1 to 3 MPa before it is fed to the turbines. The volume capacity of each block-modular machine is 21,960 kg / h.

After completion of factory tests, the BCS has been delivered to the Novopolotsk CHPP operation site.


Among the priorities of the ENERGAS Group are production, comprehensive commissioning and maintenance of gas treatment and compression units for generating facilities in the electric power industry, oil and gas complex and industrial enterprises. Today, the ENERGAS process equipment provides high-quality fuel for 220 gas turbines and gas-reciprocating units with a total capacity of over 6.7 GW.

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