The first batch of the equipment for the peak-standby energy source was delivered to the Novopolotsk CHPP

24 March 2021

The implementation of a large investment project to create a 100 MW gas turbine power plant based on two Siemens SGT-800 turbines is well underway at the Novopolotsk CHPP (Republic of Belarus). The future GTPP is assigned the function of a safety (standby) source of electric energy. The project is being carried out in accordance with a set of measures to integrate the Belarusian nuclear power plant into the country's unified power grid.

Being in the mode of continued readiness to launch, the new facility will ensure, if necessary, the balance of generation and consumption of electricity. The equipment of the peak-standby GTPP is characterized by high maneuverability – to start it up responsively and fill the power deficit in the power grid will take less than 15 minutes.

The general contractor (RUE Belenergostroy - the holding's management company) completed the installation of foundations for the gas turbines and the fume stacks, carried out works on the building destruction and protection of the roof of structures in construction zone, and began to install the underground utility systems.

The first GTPP equipment was delivered to the construction site – step-up transformers with a capacity of 63 MV•A. Two main transformer housings, each 5 meters long and weighing 55 tons, were transported by rail, and the component parts arrived by road. To install the units on particularly prepared workplaces, access routes were equipped, as well as special equipment and gear were used.

As part of this project, the Russian Company ENERGAS, together with its Swiss partner Enerproject SA, will supply set of gas treatment and fuel supply equipment – gas receiving station (GRS), gas compressor units and end system of filtration.

ENERGAS GRS is a gas treatment unit that intended to its preliminary purification and commercial metering. The planned flow volume is 29,210 cubic meters of gas per hour. Two Enerproject compressor units will boost fuel pressure from 1 to 3 MPa before it is fed to the GTU. The unit capacity of these block-modular units is 21,960 kg / h. The ENERGAS end system of filtration consisting of 4 high-efficiency filters will provide fine purification of gas fuel at the turbines inlet.

In addition to GTPP-100MW, three more peak-standby energy sources based on SGT-800 GTU are being created in the Republic of Belarus. The facilities will be built at the sites of existing thermal power plants of the RUE Minskenergo, Brestenergo and Vitebskenergo.

At the Minsk CHPP-5 will operate GTPP with a capacity of 300 MW consisting of 6 SGT-800 GTU, at the Berezovskaya SDPP – GTPP-254MW (5 turbines), at the Lukomlskaya SDPP – GTPP-150MW (3 turbines). It is assumed that the operating time of each peak power facility will be approximately 700 hours per year and up to 350 starts from the cold state.

These capacities are aimed at increasing the reliability and flexibility of the Belarusian power grid. Gas-turbine power units will be used as a reserve both for the existing infrastructure and for future wind, solar and nuclear power plants. The project also contributes to the decarbonization of the economy and the transition to a new energy structure in Belarus.

The full-range equipment supplier is Siemens Energy AB. The full scope of supply includes 16 turbines with generators, booster compressors, high, medium and low voltage equipment, as well as PCS7 control systems.

The equipment set also comprises gas receiving stations being supplied by ENERGAS for Siemens. In addition to Novopolotsk site, another three GRSs (one for each peak GTPP) will be installed on supply pipelines for filtration, heating and flow measurement of fuel gas entering the turbines of power generating units. The capacity of process units is from 43,753 to 87,506 m3 / h.


Novopolotsk CHPP is the branch of RUE Vitebskenergo. The installed capacity of power plant is 270 MW. Annual electricity output ranges is 0.8-0.9 billion kWh. Annual issue of heat – from 2.8 to 3 million Gcal.


The Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine unit combines robust design, high efficiency and low emissions. Currently, there are over the 370 GTU in the world with capacity from 47.5 to 57 MW. Their total operating time is more than 7 million equivalent hours of operation with a reliability rating of 99.8+.

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