At the CCGT-115 power unit of the Voronezh CHPP-2, an exhausted gas turbine is being replaced

18 July 2022

The project is being implemented as part of the preparation of the generating equipment of CHPP-2 for the upcoming heating season 2022-2023.

At Voronezh CHPP-2 (Quadra PJSC), a gas turbine No. 1, operated as part of the combined-cycle plant CCGT-115, is being replaced. This GTU with a capacity of 45 MW has worked out its estimated period of 60,000 hours. Instead, a similar unit is installed, after which the power engineers of Quadra will make the necessary adjustment and put the turbine into operation.

Voronezh CHPP-2 is one of the key life support facilities of the city. The thermal power plant supplies with energy more than 200 thousand residents, industrial enterprises and social facilities of Kominternovsky district. The installed electric capacity of station is currently 127 MW, thermal – 785 Gcal / h.

The commissioning of CCGT-115 took place here in October 2010. A highly efficient power unit with a capacity of 115 MW was created on the basis of two gas turbine units of type LM6000 PD Sprint (GE), steam turbine of type PT-25/34-3.4/1.2 (Kaluga Turbine Plant), and two waste-heat boilers KUP-75-3.9-440 (YuzhTransEnergo Plant).

The main fuel for CCGT is natural gas. The compression of the fuel gas and its feeding into turbines under designed pressure are carried out by the booster compressor station (BCS) from ENERGAS. BCS is composed of two packaged compressor units of screw type with a productivity of 13,000 m3 / h each.

In two-stage units there is used high technology of gas compression in two steps, without intermediate cooling. This ensures the stable operation of BCS throughout the entire range of pressure changes at the suction, regardless of the supply line. Thanks to two-stage compressing, a high compression ratio is also achieved: the minimum gas inlet pressure is 0.3 MPa, the maximum delivery pressure is 4.9 MPa (limited by the settings of LM6000 turbine).

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