The new gas-turbine power unit is being prepared for the launch at Aktobe CHPP in the Kazakhstan

18 November 2022

The generating equipment is being adjusted, first of all, the Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine. The works will be completed by comprehensive testing of the power unit under load. Tryout will be carried out stepwise under various turbine capacity modes.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the upgrade (enlargement) of Aktobe CHPP is being completed. Here, a cogeneration power unit is being prepared for the launch – a gas turbine unit (GTU), integrated into the process flow scheme of the facility to operate in a combined cycle. The planned capacity of the GTU is 57 MW.

The upgrade project will significantly improve the technical, economic and environmental characteristics of the power plant:

- Electric capacity will be increased by 1.5 times (up to 175 MW);
- Efficiency factor will be raised;
- Specific reference fuel consumption for energy production will be decreased;
- Emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere will be reduced.

Changes in the structure of the heat load (growth in the consumption of technological steam) will lead to the cancellation of the existing restrictions in the operation of the CHPP and will allow it to be used year-round in the basic mode. Decommissioning the part of the obsolete boiler equipment will increase the power plant's profitability. In the future, a gradual replacement of medium pressure boilers is planned.

Overall, the commissioning of the new power unit will minimize the negative impact on the environment, increase the volume and reliability of energy production, optimize electricity and heat supply to the city of Aktobe, and reduce the electricity shortage in the power system of Aktyubinsk Region.

The main generation will be provided by a Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine with generator with an electric capacity of 50 MW. The SGT-800 turbine combines robust design, high efficiency and low emissions. Due to its high exhaust energy, it is effectively applied in the combined cycles.

From turbine, exhausted hot gases (fuel combustion products) will flow into the waste-heat boiler manufactured by JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk to generate steam with a pressure of 3.0 MPa and a temperature of 420°C in an amount of 70 tons per hour. The resulting superheated water vapor of medium pressure is sent to the existing steam turbines of Aktobe CHPP for secondary generation of electricity (combined cycle).

The fuel supply for GTU will be performed by the ENERGAS multifunctional system which comprises block-type gas treatment station (BGTS) and booster compressor station (BCS) consisting of two units. BGTS is intended to filtration, pressure reducing and technological metering gas before its feeding into BCS. Booster units will ensure the required fuel parameters for turbine – in terms of pressure (3.1 MPa), temperature (+60°C) and flow rate (12,000 kg / h).

This system was prepared in advance for operation by ServicENERGAS specialists (ENERGAS Group), which allows Kazakh power engineers to conduct a full range of pre-start activities and tests of the power unit and put it into operation in a timely manner.


The Aktobe Central Heating and Power Plant is the only source of district heating in Aktobe, the largest city in Western Kazakhstan. Electric and thermal capacity – 118 MW and 878 Gcal / h, respectively.

At the moment, there are six steam turbines and nine boilers installed here. The need for reconstruction and upgrade of the power plant, built in the 40s of the last century, is because some of the main and auxiliary equipment have entirely exhausted their resource.

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