ENERGAS completed the installation of a gas treatment station for the GTU of Aktobe CHPP in Kazakhstan

4 February 2022

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, a project to enlarging Aktobe CHPP is being implemented. Here, a cogeneration power unit is being created - a gas turbine unit, which will be integrated into the process flow scheme of the facility to operate in a combined cycle. The launch of the GTU is scheduled for 2022.

The main generation will be provided by a Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine with generator with an electric capacity of 50 MW. The SGT-800 combines robust design, high efficiency and low emissions. Due to its high exhaust energy, this turbine is effectively applied in the combined cycles.

From turbine, exhausted hot gases (fuel combustion products) enter waste-heat boiler manufactured by JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk, the purpose of which is to generate steam with a pressure of 3.0 MPa and a temperature of 420°C in an amount of 70 tons per hour. The resulting superheated vapour of medium pressure is sent to the existing steam turbines of Aktobe CHPP for secondary electricity generation.

Therefore, the use of combined cycle technology ensures the combined energy generation and maximum fuel effectiveness as well as increases the environmental friendliness and efficiency of the power plant. The designed capacity of the GTU is 57 MW.

The fuel supply for new power unit will be performed by the ENERGAS comprehensive gas treatment system which will provide the quality of gas in accordance with the pre-set parameters for purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate. The main elements of this system are a block-type gas treatment station (BGTS) and booster compressor station (BCS).

Currently, the BGTS has been mounted at the operation site. The installation, alignment and fixing of the equipment on the foundation have been completed. Assembling of large units inside the compartments, piping arrangement, electrical power connection, and burying of the tank for gathering and storing gas condensate are planned.

The BGTS, manufactured by ENERGAS under a special project, is intended for metering, filtration and pressure reduction of gas. The throughput of the station is 15,433 m3 / h – similar to the rated fuel consumption of GTU.

Process unit is equipped with separation system with a two-stage coalescing filters, the trapping of condensate and mechanical impurities occurs here in automatic mode. Gas filtration efficiency is 99.9% for particles larger than 3 microns. Subassembly for gathering and storage of purification products includes an underground drainage reservoir (storage tank) with a volume of 1 m3, a liquid level control device and equipment for removing condensate and sludge into a mobile cistern.

If the pressure in the supply pipeline is higher than the design parameters, then the gas flows through the reducing module. This element of BGTS guarantees a decrease and a stable maintenance of the pressure at a required level, as well as excludes its differences at the inlet to compressor units of the BCS.

To measure the volume of fuel entering the power generating unit, the BGTS is equipped with a two-line process gas-metering unit with a relative error of no more than 2%. Data from him is transmitted via communication channels to the upper level of the APCS.

The gas treatment station is additionally equipped with an outlet fuel quality control subassembly with measuring and analytical equipment. The BGTS is housed in a separate all-weather block-box with the integration of elements on a single frame, equipped with systems of working and emergency lighting, premise heating and ventilation, safety systems.

After preliminary treatment, the gas flow is directed to the ENERGAS BCS, which consists of two modular compressor units (1 in operation, 1 in the hot-standby) intended to compress and feed fuel to the GTU turbine at a pressure of 3.1 MPa.

Comprehensive commissioning of the gas treatment and fuel supply system for the new GTU at Aktobe CHPP (erection supervision, starting-up and adjustment, own and integrated tests) as well as training of operational personnel will be carried out by the specialists of ServicENERGAS (ENERGAS Group).


The Aktobe Central Heating and Power Plant is the only source of district heating in Aktobe, the largest city in Western Kazakhstan. In 2020, Aktobe CHPP produced 927.9 million kWh of electricity, which is more than 12% of the region's consumption. Electric and thermal capacity – 118 MW and 878 Gcal / h, respectively.

At the moment, there are six steam turbines and nine boilers installed here. The need for reconstruction and upgrade of the power plant, built in the 40s of the last century, is because some of the main and auxiliary equipment have entirely exhausted their resource.

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