Booster compressor station "Alan" is put into operation at the same-name gas field in Uzbekistan

25 December 2015

Booster compressor station (BCS) "Alan" has been constructed in the framework of the development of same-name gas field in southern Uzbekistan. Project's customer is the company Uzbekneftegaz. Designer is LLC EAST-WEST Engineering (Tashkent). Construction was performed by OJSC Kazan Motor Production Association (KMPO).

BCS site is located near the CGTP "Alan" (at the CGTP gas inlet). In conditions of field depletion compressor station maintains the pressure of low-sulfur feed gas at the inlet to the low-temperature separation unit – at a level ensuring normal operation of turbo-expanders.

The project helps to increase the production of residual gas and condensate reserves in the field and to support the nominal conditions of gas processing before it is fed to the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant.

Compressor station consists of two turbo-compressor gas-pumping units GPU-16 "Volga". GPU are made on the basis of centrifugal compressors 244GTS2-220/20.5-44M12456 and 204GTS2-100/44-75M1245; as actuators there are used gas-turbine engines NK-16-18ST manufactured by KMPO. Capacity of the station is 5 billion m3 / year.

BCS is equipped with fuel and starting gas treatment system "ENERGAS" of type GS-FHP-400/56. Gas treatment system is a processing unit made on single (open) frame.

The equipment includes:

– High-efficiency inlet filtration module with two-stage coalescing filters-separators. The degree of gas purification from solids and condensed moisture (larger than 10 microns) is 99.98%;

– Automatic condensate drainage system with drainage tank;

– Electric heaters. They implement heating the purified gas to the project parameters (55°C). For smooth power adjustment (or blocking heating in emergency situations), it comes complete with control cabinet, equipped with an interface for communication with external APCS;

– Starting gas purge line consisting of two lines (operating and standby). Gas pressure is reduced from 5.6 MPa to the level of 0.4…0.6 MPa;

– Bilinear purge line of fuel gas. Outlet pressure is 2.3...2.5 MPa.

Capacity of gas treatment system is 14,400...17,600 m3 / h. The unit is designed to accommodate a wide ambient temperature range (-28...+49°C). Assigned resource (service life) is 25 years.

Supply of equipment was implemented by the Russian company ENERGAS. Chef-engineering works as well as consulting and technical support of the project have been conducted by the experts of LLC ServicENERGAS.

REFERENCE. The Alan field is operated since the second half of the 1970s. Capacities of NHC Uzbekneftegaz allow to provide annual production of natural gas in the amount of about 70 billion m3 and production of liquid hydrocarbons – 8 million tons.

REFERENCE. OJSC KMPO mass produces gas turbine engines and equipment on their basis for the pumping and distribution of natural gas. In particular, gas-pumping unit GPU-16 "Volga" – is a highly efficient and reliable unit of the new generation, created on the basis of the model range engines KMPO. GPU-16 "Volga" is designed for the installation of engines NK-38ST, NK-16-18ST or DG-90P2. It is available in packaged and hangar design with capacity of 16 and 18 MW.

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