Gas turbine engines AL-31ST manufactured by PJSC UEC-UMPO have accumulated 2 million hours at Gazprom facilities

31 March 2021

76 gas turbine engines (GTE) AL-31ST operate at the gas transportation facilities of PJSC Gazprom. In March 2021, their total operating time since the start of operation reached 2 million hours.

The AL-31ST ground application gas turbine engine has a capacity of 16 MW, which is widely in demand at gas-pumping stations. The engine is characterized by increased efficiency (35.5%). The product's reliability, environmental friendliness and efficiency ensured its use in Gazprom's key project, Power of Siberia.

UEC-UMPO, in partnership with Gazprom Transgaz Ufa, is constantly improving AL-31ST. Constructive changes have been made that have increased the drive unit's reliability - these are rotating blades made of a heat-resistant alloy and a modernized high-pressure turbine support. A low-emission combustion chamber project is being implemented to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. New advantages for the engine are provided by creating a power supply system for its own needs and introducing a low-pressure compressor module with adjustable inlet guide vanes.

In 2020, UEC-UMPO and Gazprom Transgaz Ufa teams jointly developed an innovative system for remote trend monitoring of AL-31ST operating parameters. Based on data received from gas-pumping stations in real-time and methods from the pilot-plan bureau in the name of A. Lyulka (UEC-UMPO branch), the system analyzes the technical condition, determines the power parameters and performs vibration monitoring of the engines.

The process of upgrade and improvement of the operational reliability of the GTE is based, among other things, on the unique capabilities of the specialized test complex (TC) which intended for equivalent cyclic testing of AL-31ST. UEC-UMPO's own TC allows to check individual units and assemblies, as well as the entire engine design as a whole at a significantly accelerated cyclic loads in purposely created extreme conditions (in comparison with the natural operation conditions).

For the testable GTEs AL-31ST, strict parameters of fuel gas are set in terms of purity (impurity content is no more than 2 ppmw), pressure (2.8…3.2 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C) and flow rate (6,500 m3 / h). The test complex is equipped with an ENERGAS booster compressor unit, which provides the designed gas values and feed fuel to the gas generator of drives. This equipment was specially devised to operate in conditions of high intensity of starts.


PJSC UEC - Ufa Motor-Building Production Association is the largest designer and manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia; it is a part of JSC United Engine Building Corporation (State Corporation Rostech). Along with aircraft engines, UEC-UMPO manufactures products necessary for the gas transportation industry and the electric power industry: gas turbine drives, gas-pumping units, gas turbine units for power plants.

The first GTE AL-31T, devised in the pilot-plan bureau in the name of A. Lyulka based on the aviation engine Al-31F, was installed on the GPA-C-16 of Karpinskaya compressor station in 1994. In 1996, interdepartmental tests were successfully conducted. In 2004, the serial production of this engine in UMPO began.

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