Modern gas treatment equipment of ENERGAS for gas turbines test benches

Power engineering in Russia knows several examples in its history of creating modern factory test benches of gas turbine units (GTU) and gas pumping units (GPU). The main purpose of such tests is the creation of a system of guarantees for the efficient operation of future power and gas transmission facilities.

Own test benches disclose a number of competitive advantages to production companies. First of all, it is compliance with the requirements of customers for individual and integrated testing of equipment just at the factory. Today, this factor becomes an obligatory criterion for the participation of producers in qualifying competitions.

Factory testing is a fundamental basis for achieving the required operational reliability, especially in hard-to-reach and remote areas, where the work of the GTU or GPU is often associated with extreme climatic conditions.

Modern test benches make it possible to test generating and gas pumping units of a wide power range in an integrated manner, with reach to their rated operating modes. At the same time, almost all technical standards laid down in the project are controlled.

Thus, tests at the factory guarantee the customer a high degree of reliability of the unit, its compliance with the declared technical and economic characteristics and design requirements, and significantly reduce the time of erection and start-up & adjustment of equipment directly at the construction site.


In turn, the operability of the test benches themselves depends on the efficiency and reliability of APCS, process and auxiliary equipment. This fully applies to the capabilities of process systems designed for treatment and supply of fuel gas to the turbines of the tested units.

For example, booster compressor stations of the company ENERGAS were manufactured for operating test benches on special projects - taking into account the power range and design features of the GTU and GPU test subjects. As a result, raw gas is treated as a fuel gas in strict accordance with the necessary parameters for purity, pressure, temperature and flow.

It is worth mentioning here that gas treatment and gas feed systems of ENERGAS, made on the basis of the booster compressor stations (BCS) and gas treatment packaged units (GTPU), have repeatedly proven their reliability and efficiency in the daily practical operation of gas turbine and gas transmission equipment.

Since 2007, ENERGAS has delivered and put into operation 243 BCS and GTPU. In the power industry, they operate at 60 power units with a total capacity of over 4,200 MW, in the oil and gas industry - they treat associated petroleum gas at 40 fields. Totally in the company's assets there are 123 projects implemented.

Gas treatment units of ENERGAS operate together with gas turbine equipment of leading domestic and world manufacturers: «UEC – Gas turbines» и NPO «Saturn», «UEC-Perm Motors» и «UEC-Aviadvigatel», Kazan and Ufa Engine Production Unions, «Nevsky Zavod», General Electric, Siemens, Alstom, Turbomach, Centrax, Solar, Pratt&Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Kawasaki.

Let's consider the possibilities of concrete factory test benches and process gas treatment units designed for testing GTU and GPU.


In the company «UEC-Gas turbines» («UEC-GT») put into operation in the city of Rybinsk, the Yaroslavl region, a universal test bench for control factory tests.

This is the first test bench in Russia for testing of complete terrestrial GTU and GPU of a wide power range. It is constructed under a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The General Designer is CJSC "Kazan Giproniiaaviaprom".

The practice of using gas turbine power stations and head compressor stations of the latest generation put forward increased requirements for the process parameters of GTU and GPU. Therefore, the universal test bench was given the functions of one of the key links in the system of objective quality and reliability control of equipment under the brand name "UEC-GT".

Such integrated tests have opened up design opportunities for research and development in power and gas transmission engineering, and expanded the prospects for long-term partnership cooperation in this industry. On the quality of manufacturing and operability there are checked as individual parts and assemblies, and units as a whole.

These are gas reciprocating generators with capacity of 0.5 ... 4.0 MW, gas turbine power units of own production up to 25 MW (GTPP-2.5, GTU-6 / 8RM, GTU-10GT, GTU-14, GTU-16, GTU-25), Gas-pumping units (GPU-4РМ; GPU-6,3 / 8РМ; GPU-16; GPU-25). The first unit to be tested at the test bench was the GTU-10GT with capacity of 10 MW.

Compression and feed of fuel gas during testing of all types of GTU and GPU is performed by the screw type booster compressor station EGSI-S-140 / 1400WA, supplied by ENERGAS.

Gas from the inlet pressure of 1.2 MPa is compressed to 3.5 ... 5 MPa. Depending on the capacity of the unit under test, the capacity of the BCS varies from 8 to 16 thousand m3 / h.

The capacity (gas flow rate) is controlled by a two-level system: 1st level - bypass line, 2nd level - capacity control by spool valve.

This allows you to quickly and correctly react to changing the operating mode of the conjugated tested unit or changing the parameters of the input gas pipeline; if necessary, to provide for BCS operation in the recirculation mode; to reduce operating costs.


July 18, 2013 at the PJSC "Proton-Perm Motors" there is commissioned multipurpose adaptive test bench for gas turbine units.

This is a joint project of Proton-PM and Perm National Research Polytechnic University. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property confirmed the uniqueness of the technologies offered by Perm engineers for testing GTU.

The test bench is built on the test site of the enterprise as one of the main structural elements of the Technopolis Novy Zvezdny within the framework of the innovative direction "Power Engineering". The GTU tests are carried out here in the interests of design offices, pilot productions and factories specializing in the manufacture of gas turbine units.

The introduction of new technical solutions at the test bench allows testing gas turbine equipment of various modifications up to 40 MW. The basis for objective analysis of GTU reliability and operability is created by metering system that is able to reliably determine the unique number of parameters of both the tested units and the test bench itself.

According to experts, the potential volume of tests at this test bench is up to 150 gas turbine units per year. The main partners of "Proton-PM" are JSC "UEC-Perm Motors" and JSC "UEC-Aviadvigatel".

The testing of gas turbine units is provided with fuel gas by the booster compressor station EGSI-S-200 / 1600WA of the company ENERGAS.

This BCS compresses natural gas to discharge pressure in the range of 1.6 ... 4.5 MPa and feed fuel to the GTU turbines in a volume of 2,500 to 11,000 m3 per hour.

The block-modular BCS is located on a separate site, in an all-weather sound-absorbing shelter, equipped with life-support and safety systems, operates in automatic mode.

The automated control system (ACS) supports the compressor station in operating state, providing the required operating parameters, including parameters of oil, gas, cooling liquid. ACS is coupled to the upper level of the APCS. The control compartment is located inside the BCS block-module.


"Nevsky Zavod" is the oldest industrial enterprise in St. Petersburg, founded in 1857. The plant is a developer and manufacturer of power engineering products: industrial gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and axial compressors and superchargers.

Today it is one of the leading power engineering enterprises in Russia. The enterprise provides equipment for the facilities of the Fuel and Energy Complex, metallurgy, machine engineering, petrochemistry, gas and oil industry.

In 2007, Nevsky Zavod became a part of the REP Holding. A new stage in the development of the enterprise began. In 2008-2010 years, here was carried out a global reconstruction: new manufacturing workshops were built, modern technologies were introduced, unique machines were acquired.

In 2016, the upgrade of gas turbines test benches with a capacity of 4 ... 32 MW was completed.

Within the framework of this project, ENERGAS delivered and commissioned stage-by-stage a gas fuel booster compressor station EGSI-S-190 / 1500W.

In course of bench testing, the BCS provides the tested turbines with high-quality fuel with the required parameters for purity, pressure, temperature and flow. The compressor station with a nominal capacity of up to 11,000 m3 / h compresses gas to a working pressure of 1.5 ... 4.3 MPa.

The BCS is housed in its own shelter, equipped with capacity control systems, automated control, individual oil supply, gas detection, alarm, fire extinguishing, operating and emergency lighting, water heating, ventilation.

The cycle of works on the commissioning of fuel gas BCS included erection supervision, start-up & adjustment, individual equipment testing, training of factory specialists and integrated testing of the compressor station (during the bench test of a 16 MW gas turbine).


Ufa Engine Building Production Association (UMPO) is the largest developer and manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia. UMPO is a part of JSC "United Engine Building Corporation" (State Corporation Rostekh).

Along with aircraft engines, UMPO produces products for gas transmission industry and gas turbine power engineering:

  • Gas pumping units GPA-16R and GPA-16-AL;
  • Gas turbine units for power plants GTE-18, GTE-10/95 and GTE-10/95BM;
  • Gas turbine drives AL-31STN for gas pumping units;
  • Gas turbine drives AL-31STE for gas turbine power plants.
In November 2012, a test bench was commissioned, built by Ufa-AviaGaz JSC (a subsidiary of UMPO).

The complex performs equivalent cyclic tests of gas turbine engines (GTE) AL-31ST, which are used in gas pumping units and power plants.

The UMPO test bench, unique in its capabilities, makes it possible to test separate units and assemblies, as well as the entire engine, under significantly accelerated cyclic loads in artificially created extreme conditions (in comparison with natural operating conditions).

It is known that one of the key parameters of a turbine drive is its resource, measured in hours and cycles of loads. So, for example, the AL-31STN - the basic engine in the gas compressor unit - should have an increased resource and a high degree of reliability in various operating conditions. At the test bench, the design of working blades and supports of high-pressure turbines are thoroughly tested, the operability of which directly affects the overall life and reliability of the drive.

As part of the ongoing reconstruction, the test bench is equipped with a booster compressor unit (BCU) for uninterrupted supply of fuel gas to the GTE test subjects. BCU of type EGSI-S-55 / 350WA, supplied by ENERGAS, will compress gas (up to 2.8 ... 3.2 MPa) and feed it to the gas generator of the drives during their testing.

The equipment was developed according to a special project, designed for operation in conditions of high intensity of starts and shutdowns and different test duration. The capacity of BCU is 6500 m3 / h.

Effective control, management and safe operation of the BCU is provided by an automated control and regulation system (ACRS). ACRS is a complete two-level system, which is integrated into the APCS of the test bench.

The first level is the BCU control compartment located inside the compressor unit and separated from the process part (engine room) by a gas-tight fire-resistant partition. The second level is the remote control (automated workstation - WKS) located in the operator room of the facility.

Step-by-step commissioning of BCS and ACRS will be carried out by engineers of the ENERGAS Group of Companies.


ENERGAS supplies not only complete equipment - gas and air compressor stations, fuel and associated gas treatment units - but also separate systems and units used in gas processing and gas supply:

  • filtration systems of natural (fuel and start-up) gas;
  • scrubber filters for APG treatment;
  • fiscal and process gas metering units, flowmeters;
  • gas cooling units (air and refrigerated);
  • gas drying units (absorption & adsorption, refrigerated, diaphragm);
  • gas heaters (electric and water);
  • reduction systems;
  • gas distributing units, receivers, gas collection lines;
  • separators – slugcatchers and gas liquefaction systems;
  • dew point temperature meters;
  • analyzers of component composition and calorific value of gas;
  • piping & valving;
  • in-site gas lines.

The ENERGAS group includes companies - the parent company ENERGAS and the service and technical division ServicENERGAS - and has multi-profile design and construction departments, logistics services, mobile engineering groups, as well as workshops for repair of compressor equipment and gas treatment units.

This makes it possible to build turnkey gas treatment facilities, to upgrade the obsolete and repair faulty equipment, and to provide maintenance service. There is accumulated considerable experience of works at especially dangerous and technically complex facilities.

ENERGAS participates in projects of any scale and complexity, supplies units not only for power industry and oil and gas facilities, but also for enterprises of various industries where gas-consuming equipment is used (gas turbines, gas reciprocation units, boiler rooms).

Examples of this are the company's participation in the projects for the construction of autonomous power supply centers: GTPP of “FosAgro-Cherepovets” JSC, CCPP of PJSC “Mordovcement”, GTPP of “Minsk KSI”, cogeneration power unit of the Crimean Soda Plant, GTPP of “MMP im. V.V.Chernysheva”, GTU of the Kastamonu furniture plates plant, GTPP of Sengileevsky cement plant, CCGT-TPP for the gas chemical complex "Stavrolen", GRPP of the microelectronics factory "Angstrem-T".


Based on the results of 3 years of operation of its test bench, the technical specialists of PJSC "Proton-Perm Motors" sent a letter of thanks to ENERGAS LLC, in which they noted the reliability of the compressor station, the steady providing of parameters of fuel gas feeded to the GTU under test, in accordance with gas turbines operation standards.

The letter confirms the high qualification of ENERGAS specialists, the precise and timely fulfillment of the terms of the contract at the production, supply of BCS, erection supervision and commissioning. There is expressed gratitude for the operational response of the service department to emergency situations - both in the warranty and post-warranty period.

Upon completion of the upgrade project of its own test benches, CJSC "Nevsky Zavod" also sent ENERGAS a letter noting the professionalism shown at the stages of production and preparation of equipment for commissioning.

The specialists of Nevsky Zavod confirmed: BCS meets all the requirements for the quality of fuel gas, which makes it possible to test turbines on schedule and in a timely manner. It is emphasized that at all stages of cooperation, ENERGAS specialists have shown themselves to be an experienced and reliable team that responds quickly to the wishes of the customer.

* * *

In conclusion, we state: the wide use of process equipment for integrated gas treatment and compression of ENERGAS obliges the company's staff to constantly meet the growing demands of our current partners and future customers.