Production report of ENERGAS Company - to the 10-year anniversary

25 September 2017

You can find out about labor matters and Energasovites’ plans in the article "ENERGAS: 10 years in the fuel and energy complex", published in the autumn issues of industrial and specialized magazines – "Neftegaz.RU" (No. 9’2017), "Turbines & Diesels" (No. 4’2017), "Exposition Oil & Gas" (No. 5’2017).

For 10 years of work in the segment of process equipment for gas treatment, ENERGAS has declared and established itself as a highly professional engineering corporation. Now it is a group of companies that, under a single brand, consistently carry out the design, production, supply, commissioning and servicing of packaged units and gas treatment systems for the oil and gas complex, electric power industry, machine building, chemical, construction and other industries.

Here there is accumulated a range of unique engineering solutions for the effective use of the latest generation process equipment at large power plants, small-scale power plants, autonomous power supply centers for industrial enterprises, APG gathering and transportation facilities, auxiliaries power supply complexes, special purpose facilities (gas turbine test benches and training centers).

With what results does ENERGAS open a new page of its work history? The team continues to actively enhance the unique organizational and engineering experience gained in the implementation of 135 projects in 35 regions of Russia and CIS countries. In general, since 2007, 269 gas treatment units have been commissioned or are preparing for launch.

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