Компания EN

ENERGAS in figures

ENERGAS successfully operates in the Russian market of process units for gas treatment and compression. This is confirmed by the following figures:

3 companies are in the ENERGAS Group

19 years at the market

37 regions of supply (Russia and near abroad)

47 fields – objects of supply

76 generating enterprises – supply objects

78 % of the total number of employees – graduated specialists of technical profile

170 completed projects

300 supplied ENERGAS process units (Fig. 1)

200 power generating sets, associated with the ENERGAS units (Fig. 2)

6,530 MW is the aggregate electrical capacity of the associated power generating sets

7,704 km – maximum remoteness of operation sites

4,387,813 m3 / h – the total rated capacity of ENERGAS process units

14,400,742 hours – total operating time of functioning units

* Data are presented as of 1 November 2020