Компания EN

ENERGAS in figures

ENERGAS is the leader in the Russian market for the supply of modular gas treatment and compression units. The following figures confirm this:

3 companies are in the ENERGAS Group

14 years at the market

33 regions of supply (Russia and near abroad)

40 fields - objects of delivery

60 generating enterprises – delivery objects

75% of the total number of employees - graduated specialists of technical profile

123 completed projects

243 supplied units of "ENERGAS"

150 power facilities associated with the units of "ENERGAS"

4 303 MW is the aggregate electrical capacity of the associated power units

7 600 km - maximum remoteness of operational sites

2 784 304 Nm3 / h - the total rated capacity of operating units of "ENERGAS"

7 922 000 hours - total operating time of operating units

* data are presented as of 01.04.2017