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Company Profile

ENERGAS operates in the energy sector and the oil and gas industry since 2007. At present, the company has implemented more than 100 projects.

Our priorities

- treatment of oil and gas produced in outlying regions onshore and offshore

- associated petroleum gas recovery on fields of Siberia and Far East

- fuel gas treatment for turbines of high efficient CCGT Units and gas-turbine stations of various capacities

Main specialization

- design and implementation of "turnkey" individual technology projects of oil and gas treatment based on compact packaged systems and units

We adapt advanced technology to the Russian standards of operation consistent with the requirements of customers and we are ready to provide quality service in projects of any scope

General partners

- Italian company COMART (international corporation TOZZI INDUSTRIES)

- Swiss company ENERPROJECT SA (industrial holding ENERPROJECT group)

ENERGAS has combined own experience with unique engineering of the company COMART - leader in design of systems and units for oil and gas treatment

Long-term cooperation with a renowned manufacturer of gas booster units, company ENERPROJECT SA, has significantly expanded our capabilities in design of gas treatment systems

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24 April 2017
At the CS of Pyakyakhinskoye field there is completed adjustment of compressor unit to compress gas of condensate deethanization


This CU supplied by the company ENERGAS is the part of the associated gas compressor station (CS); it is designed for compression of gas from condensate deethanization unit. Start-up, testing and commissioning of the CU are performed by the LLC "ServicENERGAS".

21 April 2017
GTPP being built at the South-Nyurymskoye field is equipped with booster compressor station of Enerproject


As a fuel for gas turbine power plant will be used associated gas produced at the field. Booster compressor station will provide a fine purification, compression and feeding gas to the turbines. The phased commissioning of BCS will be carried out by the LLC "ServicENERGAS".

07 April 2017
In Polytechnic training center of OJSC "Surgutneftegas" there is operating compressor unit of the company ENERGAS


This compressor unit (CU) is used as a simulator complex for training demonstration of technological processes at the gathering and pipeline transportation of gas. The whole set of works on CU commissioning has been performed by the service engineers of the company ENERGAS.

04 April 2017
Gas compressor unit for the CCGT unit-60 of Ufa CHPP-2 passed regular comprehensive maintenance


This unit, which was supplied in 2011 and commissioned by the company ENERGAS, performs compression of fuel gas and its feeding to the gas turbine Siemens of type SGT-800 under operating pressure of 3 MPa. Capacity of the CU is 17 thousand m3/h.

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