Congratulations on the DAY OF POWER ENGINEERS of the workers of the energy industry!

22 December 2018

Power Engineers Day December 22 is set as a professional holiday by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1396 (December 21, 2015). Thus, the historically justified date was restored, for it was exactly on December 22, 1920 that the Eighth All-Russian Congress of Workers', Peasants, Red Army and Cossack Deputies began work, which adopted the State Electrification Plan of Russia - the legendary GOELRO Plan.

Congratulations to all the workers of the fuel and energy complex of Russia on their professional holiday - the Day of Power Engineers!

We are grateful to our Russian colleagues and foreign partners for the fruitful cooperation on the upgrade and development of the energy sector of our country. The team of the ENERGAS Group of Companies is increasing its contribution to the overall creative work.

Modern combined-cycle gas turbine power units with a total electrical capacity of over 6.3 GW are equipped with process equipment for gas treatment of ENERGAS. Unique organizational and engineering experience has been gained in the implementation of 144 projects in Russia and the CIS countries. Since 2007, 279 gas treatment units have been commissioned or are being prepared for launch.

In general, ENERGAS team has developed a significant practice of engineering solutions for the effective use of units and systems for integrated gas treatment at numerous sites. These are: large power plants, facilities of small power industry, autonomous power supply complexes for industrial enterprises, APG gathering and transportation facilities, fields’ auxiliaries power supply complexes, special purpose facilities (gas turbines test benches and technical training centers).

We wish you, friends, labor success and professional creativity, health and well-being!

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