Rosneft accredited ENERGAS LLC for participation in procurement procedures for supply of process equipment

5 February 2018

The supply service of PJSC "NK "Rosneft" has published a decision to accredit the company ENERGAS for participation in procurement procedures for the next 18 months (validity of accreditation is until July 30, 2019). Accreditation confirms the compliance of ENERGAS LLC with the list of requirements that Rosneft presents to participants in procedures for the supply of equipment and inventory.

The competence of the ENERGAS Companies Group is the engineering and implementation of special projects for equipping with process gas treatment units following facilities of the oil and gas production complex:

  • oil processing and pumping shops;
  • oil verification departments;
  • booster pumping stations;
  • oil treatment units;
  • central production facilities;
  • terminal separation units;
  • main transfer pumping stations;
  • preliminary water removal units;
  • complex gas treatment plants.

The main purpose of ENERGAS units (pictured below) is the gathering and transportation of associated petroleum gas, as well as the treatment of APG as fuel for the energy supply complexes of the fields.

The high reliability of these projects is based on the professionalism and experience of the engineering team, the introduction of effective technologies for the treatment of gas of various types and initial quality, on the specific advantages and capabilities of process equipment.

For companies that are part of the structure of Rosneft, ENERGAS repeatedly performed the supply of various units. These are, for example, unit for off-gas compression for the "Kuibyshev Refinery", vacuum compressor stations for the preliminary water removal units of Sovietskoye and Vakhskoye fields (OJSC "Tomskneft"), gas booster units for the Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye field facilities (PJSC "Varioganneftegaz"), the hangar-type compressor station for GTPP-12 of the Igolsko-Talovoye field (pictured below).

Currently, at the Gas and condensate processing plant under construction of East-Urengoy license area of JSC "ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL" (part of Rosneft) there is the multiblock fuel gas treatment unit of ENERGAS in the process of commissioning. Fuel gas treatment unit will supply gas to the gas turbine power plant, boiler house, low-temperature separation unit, methanol regeneration unit, input flowline assemblies, booster compressor station of low-pressure gases, flare unit and other facilities of the Gas and condensate processing plant.

Rosneft is the leader of the Russian oil industry and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. The main activities are the search and exploration of hydrocarbon fields, production of oil, gas, gas condensate, the implementation of projects for the development of offshore fields, the processing of mined raw materials, the sale of oil, gas and products of their processing in Russia and beyond. The company is included in the list of strategic enterprises in Russia.

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