At the 11th meeting of the Russian-Swiss Working Group on the Development of Entrepreneurship, ENERGAS participated in the discussion of the experience of innovations in production

27 June 2019

Representatives of Russian and Swiss companies shared their experience in applying innovations in production and ways to improve production efficiency. The discussion took place at the 11th meeting of the Russian-Swiss Working Group on the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in June of this year in the framework of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Swiss Confederation.

The Russian side is co-chaired by Sergey Borisov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OPORA RUSSIA, and from the Swiss side, Mr. Daniel Küng, head of Switzerland Global Enterprise.

S. Borisov drew the attention of the meeting participants to the fact that over a period of many years in the Working Group, actual problems in the field of innovative business infrastructure were considered; health care; education; digital technology for small businesses; cooperation in the field of agriculture, etc. “We dedicate this meeting to production efficiency and discuss innovative solutions in the development of production; increase productivity in enterprises; opportunities for cooperation between Russian and Swiss manufacturing companies, ”said S. Borisov.

Head of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Mr. D. Kyung, in turn, noted that the topic of innovation in production is another logical step in cooperation between the two countries.

In exchange of views, many Russian participants of the meeting accepted. Pavel Kuzmin, manager of ZAO Trading, told about Belaya Dacha projects in agriculture and the food industry. The representative of PromRussCon LLC Marina Dmitrieva spoke about innovative technologies in the cultivation and deep processing of industrial hemp in Russia. Georgy Muzychenko, Director for Development of Industrial Technopark Leader, presented the directions of activity of the newly created Technopark in the field of medicine. The main specialization of the Leader Technopark is to unite manufacturers of high-tech medical equipment.

The innovative project Mobile Roads Wolverine, implemented by OJSC Krasnokamsky Metal Mesh Plant, was presented by Dmitry Pishchalnikov, Vice President of OPORA RUSSIA, Chairman of the OPORA RUSSIA Committee for Efficient Production and Increased Labor Productivity.

The long-term experience of cooperation of the Russian ENERGAS Group with its long-time partner, the Swiss company Enerproject SA, in the production and supply of gas treatment equipment for the energy and oil and gas industry in personal communication with the participants of the meeting was presented by the Deputy General Director of ENERGAS LLC Maxim Belov.

Representatives of Switzerland also actively shared their experience in introducing innovations in production.

The head of Swiss Smart Factory, Dominik Goretsky, spoke about the creation of "smart factories" in Switzerland and their application in the activities of Russian companies. Executive Director CombaGroup Serge Gander said that it is from the optimization of business processes depends on the effectiveness of the company. Executive Director of RussiaContact, representative of the Swiss Mobahouse Technopark, Daniel Reiman, named the factors that, in his opinion, affect the company's productivity - cooperation and open mind, networking with external players, a positive internal ecosystem, a motivating team, etc. "We actively interact with Swiss universities, technology parks and we hope for fruitful cooperation with Russian companies", said D. Reiman.

Natalia Zolotykh, Vice President of OPORA RUSSIA, in her speech emphasized the need to ensure legal protection of the experience presented, specific projects and objects.

A presentation of the Kaizen Productivity Improvement Center was held for Swiss colleagues, where the Working Group meeting was held. The main task of this structure is the dissemination of advanced world experience in productivity and work organization.

Summing up the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OPORA RUSSIA S. Borisov called further tasks of the Working Group on SME Development - maximum involvement of the subjects of the Russian Federation in the development of international cooperation, rendering assistance in expanding the capabilities of companies in Russian regions in the Swiss cantons, attracting technology and investing in the economy Russia.

The head of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Mr. D. Küng, supported S. Borisov’s position and noted that sharing experience with OPORA RUSSIA is important for Switzerland, since the economy of the Confederation is mainly represented by small companies.

At the end of the meeting, President of OPORA RUSSIA Alexander Kalinin presented Mr. Daniel Küng with the diploma "Honorary Partner of OPORA RUSSIA" for many years of successful cooperation and gratitude of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for significant contribution to the development of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Switzerland in small and medium-sized businesses.

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