Multifunctional gas treatment units ENERGAS: experience of reliable operation

26 August 2020

The press service of the ENERGAS Group of Companies presents a new article by the leading expert of LLC ENERGAS Development Department Alexander Rubanov.

The introduction of multifunctional gas treatment units began in the production history of ENERGAS eight years ago (in August 2012) with the commissioning of a block-type gas treatment station at the 5th power unit of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHPP-1. Since then, the electric power industry, the oil and gas industry and gas-using industrial enterprises have accumulated significant experience in the supply and operation of such process equipment, its universal capabilities have been revealed, and its efficiency and reliability have been proven.

Units are designed for guaranteed continuous and high-quality gas treatment of various types and initial states. ENERGAS annually implements dozens of projects and receives new evidence that gas treatment (Upstream, Midstream) is a verified engineering calculation of a comprehensive process procedure that allows achieving and sustainably maintaining the design values of gas in terms of purity, humidity, temperature, pressure and flow rate.

ENERGAS multifunctional gas treatment units are characterized by the maximum degree of factory readiness upon delivery (98%), high maintenance ability and long service life - at least 25 years. The technical use ratio is 0.92+, the confirmed rating of reliability in operation is 0.95+ …

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