Coronavirus - a test for professional responsibility and competence

25 March 2020

The pandemic is imposing its severe conditions. That is why the commitment for a high level of work performance in the context of the fight against the coronavirus infection worries everyone who knows the concept of responsibility firsthand. The ENERGAS Group of Companies receives letters with the requirements from customers and the recommendations from partners for visiting the production sites this spring by the personnel.

During the fight against the coronavirus, ENERGAS Group of Companies increases the team's professional responsibility for personal work discipline and safety - for the execution of contracts, installation supervision, commissioning, timely service and repair of gas treatment equipment at oil and gas facilities and the electric power industry.

Our specialists are carrying out or planning the supply, pre-start activities and maintenance of process units at a number of facilities. Among them: Kharasavey field, Vostochnaya GTU-CHPP, Yarega field, Grozny TPP, Rechitsa field, Yelabuga GTU-TPP, Usinsk field, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHPP-1, Verhnekolik-Egan field, Syzran CHPP, East-Urengoy licensed area, petrochemical enterprise SIBUR Tobolsk.

ENERGAS approved a procedure for preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection among employees travelling to remote sites. Measures are taken and carried out on a single list, among which, along with the corporate provision of information and control measures, an emphasis was put to the employees' self-monitoring of their well-being, maintenance of sanitation regulations and the respect of quarantine restrictions.

ENERGAS is grateful to colleagues and partners who are taking measures to curb the possible spread of infection. Special acknowledgement is given to our employees, whose work, due to its specificity, cannot be performed remotely, and who go to facilities at this time to launch and maintain our equipment.

Overall, the situation with the pandemic is examining our professional responsibility rigidly, as well as work discipline, organization and psychological endurance. We will do our best to pass this exam with honor!

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