High-quality service is a required factor in the efficiency and reliability of gas treatment equipment

17 May 2020

ENERGAS Companies Group press service presents an interview with the Alexander Kramskoy, Chief Executive Officer of LLC ServicENERGAS. It describes in detail and in many examples the priorities and prospects of service-technical support for the operation of process equipment for gas treatment and gas supply at various facilities of the oil and gas industry and electric power industry.

It is noted that as of March 2020, the total operating time of all existing ENERGAS units exceeded 13 million hours. Annually, with the participation of ServicENERGAS, dozens of new gas treatment units are commissioned. For their normal operation and full working out of the assigned resource, timely maintenance is carried out, and, if necessary, upgrading, routine or major repairs.

The number of service projects related to equipment from other manufacturers is growing. As a result, the amount of work increases significantly, and new specific features arise. In this regard, the tasks of professional development of engineers and mechanics, maintenance of the high quality of technical services, and the selection and training of new qualified personnel are particularly important.

In this direction, for ServisENERGAS, the capabilities of a modern Repair and Training Center open up – RTC, which is being created at the production site of the ENERGAS Group in Belgorod.

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