Soulful warmth and heartfelt concern emanate from you, dear women!

8 March 2018

Gas is raw materials and energy. But soulful warmth to relatives and friends, heartfelt care and love emanate from you, dear women!

Grandmother, mother, sister, girlfriend, beloved, wife... These women's vocations enrich life with the main meaning: the creation of a family, the birth and upbringing of children, which means happiness and well-being for all.

Therefore, we - a men's team of the ENERGAS group of companies - will try very hard to ensure that the day of March 8 for our dear and beloved women continues every day of the year!

For our duty is daily care for you, this achievement and protection of your happiness and well-being not for one day, but for many years - for life!

Happy holiday, our dear women!

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