The Angstrem-T factory received its own power plant

23 December 2015

In Zelenograd, at the site of research and production complex of Angstrem-T JSC for the production of microelectronics there is commissioned its own power supply complex – autonomous gas reciprocating power plant.

The launch ceremony was attended by the management of Angstrem-T and Finnish concern Wärtsilä, representatives of the city administration.

Gas reciprocating power plant (GRPP) operates on trigeneration cycle and provides the necessary amount of electricity, heat and cold for the enterprise. Designed electric capacity of GRPP is 36 MW; generation of thermal energy – up to 30 MW, production of coldness – up to 27 MW.

Basis of power plant consist of five gas reciprocating units (GRU) Wärtsilä 16V34DF with capacity of 7 MW each. The dual-fuel GRU may operate on gas and diesel fuel.

When it is necessary switching between energy sources is done automatically, without interruption and reducing of the load. Environmental standards of power plant meet all the modern standards.

In the GRPP building there is also a new boiler room, in its composition there are four hot water boilers Buderus Logano S825L complete with a combined block industrial burners Saacke.

Currently, power supply complex has been running by the diesel fuel.

Gas fuel for GRPP and boiler room will be supplied through multifunctional gas treatment system (GTS) of ENERGAS, which will provide required design parameters on purity, temperature, pressure and flow rate.

Phased GTS commissioning, including mounting, starting-up and adjustment, individual testing and comprehensive verification as a part of the power plant is performed by the technicians of companies BelgorodENERGAS and ServicENERGAS (are part of the ENERGAS Group).

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