Verh-Tarskaya GTPP has become one more fields’ auxiliaries power plant passed 10-year milestone of efficient operation

26 April 2019

The second half of the 2000s for the oil and gas production complex of Russia is a time of large-scale equipment of fields with auxiliaries power supply complexes based on gas-reciprocation (GRPP) and gas-turbine (GTPP) power plants. As a fuel, they usually use associated petroleum gas.

The widespread construction of power supply complexes was due to interrelated factors. 1. The rapid increase in associated gas production. 2. A strict standard established by the government, according to which at least 95% of the produced APG should be recovered. 3. The increase of the multiplying ratio to the charge for excessive incineration of the APG. 4. The environmental situation in the fields. 5. The development of new fields, infrastructure and process facilities of which require providing relatively inexpensive electric and thermal power.

In this direction there was also acted company Novosibirskneftegaz which in April 2009 at the largest in the Novosibirsk Region Verh-Tarskoye field put into operation a gas turbine power plant.

GTPP was included in the total energy supply system of oil field, has provided electricity for industrial facilities, central production facility and rotational camp.

GTPP is operating in simple cycle. Generating equipment consists of two gas turbine units (GTU) Centrax of type СX501-КВ7 on the base of Rolls-Royce turbines with unit capacity of 5.2 MW. Fuel for power plant is associated petroleum gas, produced here.

Final purification, compression and fuel supply to the GTU are provided by fuel gas treatment facility, consisting of two complexes – FGTF-1 and FGTF-2. At the heart of each FGTF is booster compressor unit (BCU) of screw type in packaged design. BCUs with capacity of 2,700 m3 / h each are designed for compression of associated gas from 0.4 MPa to the required operating pressure of 2 MPa.

In 2015, the company ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group) has carried out upgrade FGTF. Technical specialists have commissioned a FGTF-2, which was previously in standby; they equipped it with automated control system; they installed fire detection system, firefighting equipment and safe equipment operation system; they performed debugging of gas detection system. The both complexes were equipped with ACS of upper level to ensure automatic management and operational control of compressor units.


REFERENCE. Verh-Tarskoye oil field (VTOF) is located in the northern part of the Novosibirsk region. The field was discovered in 1970; the commercial oil production is begun since 2000. One of the features of VTOF is large distance from the communications, which poses a major difficulty in the development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Novosibirsk region.

Oil produced at VTOF on its properties is close to the brand Brent, characterized by minimal amounts of impurities, it is low-paraffin and sweet crude. During the processing of the oil output of light fractions is to 25% higher than the average for Russia.

The field is developed by Novosibirskneftegaz JSC (part of Neftisa Companies Group), which also has a license to develop the Rakitinsky, Mezhovsky and East-Mezhovsky license areas.

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