Gas compressor unit was commissioned as part of the complex for gas turbine engines tests of UEC-UMPO

24 April 2019

In the Republic of Bashkortostan there is being completed upgrade of the test bench of PJSC UEC - Ufa Motor-Building Production Association.

Test complex (TC) built by JSC Ufa-Aviagaz, subsidiary of UEC-UMPO, provides equivalent cyclic testing of gas turbine engines (GTE) AL-31ST used in gas pumping units and power plants.

As part of upgrade, the TC is equipped with a booster compressor unit (BCU) intended for uninterrupted fuel gas feeding to the testable GTEs according to the set parameters on purity, pressure, temperature and flow rate.

BCU supplied by the company ENERGAS compresses gas to the required designed values (2.8…3.2 MPa) and feed it to the gas generator of drives in the process of their testing. This equipment was developed on an individual project – specially for operating in conditions of the high intensity of starts and shutdowns under various duration of testing.

The unit made based on screw oil-filled compressor; it is housed in its own enclosure equipped with life support systems – heating, ventilation and lighting. For safety providing, the module is equipped with fire detection, gas detection, alarm and fire fighting systems.

Taking into account the stringent requirements for the purity of fuel gas, filtration system in BCU is enhanced. In addition to the gas-oil filter separator of the 1st stage of purification and the coalescing (safety) filter of the 2nd stage, into block-module there is extra built inlet filter for fine purification of gas (degree of purification is 98% for contaminations of more than 5 microns and 100% for particles larger than 10 microns). Residual content of impurities in gas at the outlet of the BCU is not more than 2 ppmw (mg / kg).

A gas cooler is integrated into the process flow diagram of the unit, which ensures the separation of the condensate and the stable maintenance of the fuel design temperature for gas turbine engines (up to +60°C).

Capacity of BCU is 6,500 m3 / h. Gas flow rate is controlled in the range from 0 to 100% of nominal. For this purpose, a special two-loop regulation system is applied. The first loop (control by the compressor spool valve) provides smooth, stepless capacity control in the range of 15-30% ... 100%, and to control capacity in the lower range it is combined with a gas recirculation system (second loop), which allows you to respond quickly and correctly on a sharp change in load during transient operating modes of conjugated GTE.

For efficient monitoring, management and safety of process procedures of the BCU is responsible automated control and regulation system (ACRS). ACRS is a complete two-tier system, which is integrated into APCS of the test bench.

The first tier – BCU control module – is housed inside the block-box of the unit and separated from the process part (machine room) by gas-tight fire-resistant partition. The second tier – a remote control (operator workstation, WKS) – is located in the control room of the facility.

Customer acceptance testing of BCU and ACRS took place during the actual tests of the gas turbine engine. In various load modes, the compressor unit worked out normally, without any complaints. These tests became an important stage of commissioning of the upgraded TC.

Commissioning of the gas-compressor equipment as well as a course of technical consultations for the operating personnel (BCU operators) have been conducted by the experts of ServicENERGAS LLC.

Note that for ENERGAS Companies Group this is the fourth similar project. Earlier, by specially designed compressor units there were equipped gas turbine's test benches of PJSC Proton - Perm Motors, JSC UEC - Gas Turbines and CJSC Nevsky Zavod.

UEC - Ufa Motor-Building Production Association is the largest designer and manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia; it is a part of United Engine Building Corporation (State Corporation Rostech).

In addition to aircraft engines UEC-UMPO manufactures products for the gas transportation industry and the gas turbine energetics:
  • Gas pumping units GPA-16R and GPA-16-AL;
  • Gas turbine units for power plants GTE-18, GTE-10/95 and GTE-10/95BM;
  • Gas turbine drives AL-31STN for GPA;
  • Gas turbine drives AL-31STE for GTE.

One of the key parameters of the drive is its service life, measured in hours and loads cycles. For example, AL-31STN – the base engine in the GPA – by its purpose should have an increased service life and high reliability under various operating conditions.

Unique in its features TC of UEC-UMPO allows to test individual units and assemblies, as well as the entire design of the engine at a significantly accelerated cyclic loads in artificially created extreme conditions (in comparison with the natural operation conditions). On the test bench there are especially thoroughly tested design of rotating blades and frames of the high-pressure turbines, from operability of which there is directly depending general operational life and reliability of the drive.

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