In St. Petersburg, the reconstruction of Central CHPP with modern GTU-CHPP creation is completed

5 December 2016

There is completed a comprehensive upgrade of Central CHPP in St. Petersburg – is one of the priority projects of TGC-1. As part of reconstruction at the site of power plant No.1 there has been created and commissioned a modern GTU-CHPP on the basis of two power generating units.

Each power unit consists of a gas turbine unit Siemens SGT-800 and a waste-heat boiler. The unit capacity of gas turbines is 50 MW. These are the most productive of all SGT-800 power sets operating in Russia.

GTU has not only high electrical efficiency, but also high exhaust energy, which allows it to be effectively used in the cogeneration and combined cycles. As of October 2016, there are more than 260 such units in the world. The total operating time of the park of these GTU is more than 4.6 million hours.

Total electrical capacity of GTU-CHPP is 100 MW, thermal – 100 Gcal/h. Start-up of highly efficient gas turbines will allow close a number of old boilers in the Northern Capital. New generation equipment will raise the quality and reliability of power supply of the central part of the city and will significantly reduce fuel consumption per unit of electricity and heat generation.

Purification, compressing and supply fuel gas to the turbines of GTU-CHPP under operating pressure of 3.3 MPa are provided by the special process equipment of complex supply of LLC Sphere: gas treatment unit and Enerproject booster compressor station (BCS).

BCS is composed of three compressor units (CU) of type EGSI-S-330/1800WA with capacity of 2.655 kg / s each. All CUs are placed in separate weatherproof enclosures; they are equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety systems (fire detection and fire fighting, gas detection).

CUs are equipped with individual ACS and group system of automated control with the function of transmitting data to APCS of upper level, as well as with two-level systems of capacity regulation.

The pre-starting stage has been completed through individual testing and operability verification of CU in the course of 72-hour comprehensive test run of the GTU-CHPP.

All the works on commissioning of the gas treatment equipment were performed by the company ENERGAS – official representative of Enerproject SA in Russia and CIS countries.

REFERENCE. Central CHPP combines the oldest stations of St. Petersburg. CHPP provides electricity and heat to industrial enterprises, residential and public buildings of the Central, Moscow, Frunze and Admiralties districts of the city. In the service area of CHPP – about 500 thousand people.

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