Within integrated testing of the CCGT-135 of Budyonnovsk TPP, the compressor station of fuel gas is put into operation

21 February 2015

In the Budyonnovsk city of Stavropol Territory, at the production site of Gas Chemical Complex of Stavrolen (is a part of LUKOIL Chemical Group), the modern combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) successfully passed comprehensive testing.

Test-run of the power generating unit was carried out as follows: 72 hours of continuous operation at full load; then (without equipment shutdown) – 4 hours at 50% load; finally – 8 hours of maneuvering from minimum to maximum load to check maneuverability of the power unit.

Thus, there is prepared for operation high efficiency thermal power plant – Budyonnovsk TPP based on the CCGT-135 with electrical capacity of 136 MW and thermal – 40 Gcal / h. During the tests, it was also found that power generating unit (in condensation mode) can reach a maximum capacity of up to 160 MW.

Budyonnovsk CCGT-TPP became a part of LUKOIL-Stavropolenergo. The construction was carried out by LUKOIL-Energoengineering LLC. The general contractor is Synergetic Projects LLC.

The new power generating facility will fully satisfy the needs of Stavrolen GCC in the electrical and thermal energy. According to the power provision agreement for the wholesale market (PPA), part of the energy resources will be sent to other consumers in the region.

CCGT-135 is a combined-cycle power unit with a combined production of heat and electricity. Electricity is generated as at efficient gas turbines and a steam turbine using off-gas from gas turbines. As a result, power plant achieves efficiency coefficient a half times superior than efficiency coefficient of standard steam-power units.

Structure of CCGT comprises two gas turbine units Siemens of type Industrial Trent 60 WLE (the former name of GTU is Rolls-Royce Trent 60 WLE) with rated capacity of 64 MW each, two waste-heat boilers PK-93 manufactured by ZIO OJSC (Podolsk), steam turbine Siemens of type SST-400. The main fuel for CCGT is natural gas.

In comprehensive testing of combined cycle gas turbine unit there was also participated Enerproject booster compressor station (BCS). BCS provides treatment (fine purification and compressing) and the fuel supply to the CCGT turbines under working pressure of 5.8 MPa.

As a part of the BCS of fuel gas there are three compressor units (CU) of type EGSI-S-100/1000WA, two of which operate in continuous mode, the third – in the "hot" standby. Capacity of each CU is 815 m3 / h.

The peculiarity of the process procedure is pressure drop of gas at the inlet. To maintain a constant pressure level, compressor units have been upgraded – a reduction unit is built in the block-module of each CU. The design parameters of gas in terms of purity are provided by additional elements of the filtration system – external coalescing filters-separators equipped with automatic condensate drainage system.

During the tests, all CUs worked out in routine mode, flawless. Booster compressor station is put into operation.

Preparation of BCS for commissioning has been carried out by the company ServicENERGAS which is part of ENERGAS Group. Technicians have performed erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works, individual testing, and integrated verification of compressor units as a part of the CCGT-135, as well as training of the operating personnel of customer.

REFERENCE. Stavrolen LLC is a city-forming enterprise, which employs more than 3,000 people. This is one of the largest manufacturers of high-density polyethylene, vinyl acetate of liquid pyrolysis products. Now at the site of Stavrolen there is being constructed gas-processing plant (GPP-1) – a component of a gas chemical complex. The enterprise also upgrades the installation for ethylene production.

By 2021, at the Stavrolen GCC it is scheduled to be commissioned in phases:
  • GPP-2 with capacity of 4 billion cubic meters per year;
  • Unit for the production of ethylene with capacity of 255 thousand tons per year;
  • Unit for the production of polyethylene with capacity of 255 thousand tons per year.
Thus, GCC becomes the largest manufacturer of polymers in Russia. The main raw material will be associated petroleum gas from the Caspian fields of LUKOIL. Commercial gas from GCC is also expected to direct to the transport system of Gazprom.

During the implementation of the project the ecology of Budyonnovsk area will be improved. In particular, the water supply system will be upgraded and transportation of raw materials will be carried out on the new railway line bypassing Budyonnovsk.

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