In LUKOIL-Komi, the technical re-equipment of oil treatment plant Usa-Heavy Oil is underway

30 October 2019

As part of the technical re-equipment, the oil treatment plant of the Usinsk field (OTP Usa-Heavy Oil) is equipped with a gas-control station. The functions of GCS will be carried out by a gas treatment unit (GTU) produced by ENERGAS LLC.

GTU is multifunctional complex intended for the gas purification, preheating, and reducing to stable design parameters before it is fed into a direct oil heating furnaces. The functionality of the process unit also includes flow measurement and gas quality control.

The main elements of the GTU:

- Highly efficient gas filtration system with two-stage coalescing filters;
- Fiscal metering unit with turbine flow meters;
- Gas heating unit based on electric heaters;
- Two-line reduction system;
- Output gas quality control unit with dew point analyzer, manometer and thermometer, pressure and temperature sensors.

Filtration efficiency is 100% for the liquid fraction and 99.9% for solid particles larger than 2 μm. The gas pressure is reduced from 1.6 ... 2.5 MPa to 0.6 MPa. The estimated outlet gas temperature is +25°C. The maximum capacity of the unit is 21,360 nm3 / h.

The multifunctional complex is placed in a separate weatherproof module and is equipped with the necessary engineering systems, including life support systems (heating, ventilation, and lighting) and safety (fire detection, gas detection, and alarm).

ENERGAS GTU is fully automated. Automated control system performs launch (and preparing for start), shutdown, and maintaining the optimal operation mode; controls the process parameters; provides automatic protection and alarm; handles the parameters of the workflow and emergency events with the issuance of information via a standard exchange protocol.

The local ACS is made on the basis of modern microprocessor technology using advanced software and cross-connect equipment; it is housed in a special compartment, separated from the process part of the GTU with a gas-tight fire-resistant partition.

The main components of the ACS have redundancy, so that the failure of any of them does not stop the gas treatment process. In the switching off of external electricity feeding, its own uninterruptible power supplies ensure autonomous operation of the software and hardware complex of the ACS GTU for at least 1 hour.

The control system will be integrated with the upper level of the APCS of the facility; it will provide remote control of the equipment, indoor gas hazard monitoring, output of information on the status of all elements to the operator panel.

GTU is supplied with a high degree of prefabrication (availability factor of 0.98+), what significantly reduces the duration of the construction and mounting works as well as adjustment activities. The coefficient of technical use is 0.92+; coefficient of reliability of starts is 0.95+. Assigned resource (operating life) - 20 years.

At this stage, after the successful completion of preliminary workshop testing, the gas treatment unit has been delivered to the operation site. The entire cycle of pre-launching activities (erection supervision, adjusting, own and integrated tests, staff training) will be performed by the specialists of ServicENERGAS, a member of the ENERGAS Companies Group.

REFERENCE. The commissioning in 2009 of the oil treatment plant Usa-Heavy Oil opened a new page in the history of LUKOIL-Komi LLC. This OTP has become the largest launch facility for the company since its creation. The design capacity of the plant is about 11 million cubic meters of liquid fraction and 2 million tons of oil per year, and the tank battery is about 32 thousand cubic meters.

Usa-Heavy Oil is considered unique in Russia – this is the first facility of such capacity, designed to treatment highly viscous "black gold". The project completed the separation of the flows of "light" and "heavy" oil at the Usinsk field. With the launch of the OTP, the oil gathering system of this production field was also reconstructed.

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