In Grozny at the site of new power plant, the standby gas compressor unit is prepared for operation

8 May 2019

The gas treatment and gas supply system for Grozny TPP is a booster compressor station consisting of three units.

In addition to the gas compressor aggregates Nos. 1 and 2 earlier prepared for operation, the unit No. 3 successfully passed adjustment and its own testing. This booster compressor is standby and ready to be switched on by ATS (automatic transfer switch).

Thus, the technical specialists of ENERGAS have completed the important stage of the pre-launch activities at the TPP. This allows Gazprom EnergoHolding (GEH) power engineers to conduct a full range of tests of the power plant’s second power unit and put it into operation in a timely manner.

The basis of the Grozny TPP is two Siemens gas turbine units of type SGT5-2000E with capacity of 180 MW each. The planned electric capacity of the power plant is 360 MW. The main and reserve fuel for turbines is natural gas.

The operating company of the new facility is OGK-2 PJSC. The project is being implemented by the GEH Group within the framework of the system of capacity supply agreements (CSA). The Grozny TPP is the final CSA project for the Group’s companies.

According to the head of Gazprom EnergoHolding Denis Fedorov, the second stage of the power plant is in a high degree of readiness. The commissioning of power unit No. 2 is scheduled for end of June 2019.

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