Gas supply module of the Kastamonu Plant: passed 5-year milestone of reliable operation

21 August 2019

Since 2014, in the special economic zone of Alabuga (Republic of Tatarstan) there is operating the Kastamonu Plant – Europe's largest enterprise for the production of laminate flooring and wood panels MDF / HDF.

In August of the same year, ENERGAS Group put into operation here a gas supply module which provides preliminary treatment of gas entering the enterprise's facilities including autonomous factory power plant and boiler house for own needs.

The main element of this module is ENERGAS block-type gas treatment unit of GS-FME-1200/12 brand. BGTU performs flow measurement and filtration of gas; it is equipped with a commercial gas-metering subassembly and a highly efficient separation system. The degree of gas purification from mechanical impurities and droplet moisture (over 10 μm in size) reaches 99.98%.

BGTU is a sound- and heat-insulated block-box with maximum integration of equipment on a single frame; operates in automatic mode; equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation, and lighting) and safety systems (fire detection, gas detection, alarm, and firefighting).

The BGTU's capacity is 15,000 m3 / h. After pretreatment, the gas is divided into two streams. The first flow is directed to the compressor unit of fuel gas and then, after compressing, to the power plant’s turbine.

The second flow enters into the reducing unit (RU) of GS-P-250/12 brand. This equipment is housed in a separate all-weather shelter and designed to reduce the gas pressure from 1.2 MPa to 0.4 MPa before it is fed to the factory boiler house. The RU's throughput is 3,000 m3 / h.

The careful designing and high-quality production of the BGTU and RU allow the ENERGAS gas supply module to operate with a high level of reliability and efficiency.

REFERENCE. SEZ Alabuga is Russia's largest special economic zone of industrial type. It is created on December 21, 2005 on the territory of Tatarstan (Elabuga district), 210 km from Kazan. More than 30 Russian and foreign investors are implementing own projects here.

REFERENCE. Kastamonu Entegre is a leader in the forest products sector in Turkey and one of the ten largest companies in Europe for the production of MDF. Construction of a new plant in the SEZ Alabuga is one of the most ambitious projects of the company.

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