At the PWRU BPS-2 of Vyngapur field, the APG recovery system passed the first comprehensive maintenance since commissioning

25 December 2018

Since August 2018 at the Preliminary Water Removal Unit (PWRU; the BPS-2 area) of Vyngapur field of JSC Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegas, the system for recovery of associated petroleum gas of low oil separation stages has been operating.

The basis of this system is a vacuum compressor station (VCS), supplied by ENERGAS. VCS performs compressing low-pressure (0.001 MPa) APG of the end stage and its feeding, after combining with gas of the first separation stage, to the existing main compressor station.

Vacuum CS is made on the basis of oil-filled screw-type compressor. The gas final purification at the compressor inlet is performed by a highly efficient two-stage filter-scrubber (with a system of automatic drainage) integrated in the process unit's block-module. The rated capacity of the unit is 1,500 m3 / h, gas flow is controlled by a special two-level control system.

The equipment was designed taking into account extreme operating conditions (minimum air temperature - minus 59°C, average temperature of the coldest five-day period - minus 50.5°C). VCS is housed in its own all-weather shelter, equipped with all necessary life support and safety systems and operates in an automatic mode. Local ACS is integrated with the upper level of APCS of BPS-2.

After a trouble-free run time of more than 3 thousand hours, specialists of LLC ServicENERGAS (part of the ENERGAS Group) have carried out first VCS comprehensive maintenance. In the course of maintenance the following scheduled works were implemented:
  • Replacement of consumables (gas and oil filters, oil in the bearings of the motor);
  • Check the alignment of rotating units (compressor and motor);
  • Gaps measure and checking the status of the internal components of the compressor;
  • Adjustment and calibration of position sensors and positioning of valves and hydraulic controllers;
  • Functional tests of the oil system and cooling system of the VCS;
  • Verification of operational parameters and their adjustment;
  • Troubleshooting, drafting recommendations on components replacement.

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